What can you make out of old furniture?

What can you make out of old furniture?

  • Lawyers’ Bookcase. This antique cabinet serves as a handy nightstand with its ample storage, wide counter space and tons of character.
  • Wood Soda Crates. Four old soda crates make a combination coffee table and shadow box.
  • Dewey Decimal Table.
  • Pinball Wizard.
  • Log Slices.
  • Mid-Century Makeover.
  • Reverse Stencil.
  • Outdoor Table.

What do I need to repaint a table?


  1. Tack cloth.
  2. Paint roller tray.
  3. Water-based, regular primer.
  4. Water-based, regular interior paint.

How do you paint a veneer table top?

Veneer can be a very smooth surface, so chalk paint alone will probably scratch off. Make sure the veneer doesn’t have cracks. If needed, remove any sections of peeling veneer. Clean the piece well, prime, and then apply a few coats of chalk paint to the veneer furniture.

What is upcycling furniture?

Upcycling is a form of recycling that focuses on transforming an unwanted item or material into a quality, visually improved and valued product. It can be an old piece of furniture that you strip back and repaint which turns it into an individual furniture piece that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

How do you upcycle a plastic bottle?

No Sew-Zipper Bottle Organize your pencils and kids’ crayons with upcycled bottles. To make the top removable, just cut the bottle a few inches from the top, then hot glue a zipper to both edges. If you need more space, use the bottom sections of two different bottles.

What is upcycled furniture and why is it so popular?

The movement is one of upcycled furniture ideas to reduce waste and create a more sustainable future. Whether you call it revamping; repurposing; reclaiming; reimagining or salvaging it doesn’t matter, it’s all upcycling – the process of giving old furniture a new lease of life. So what exactly does upcycling mean?

What is upcycling and how can I do it?

Upcycling at home is easier than you may think – you likely have lots of items around your house that can be reused and repurposed. Essentially, you take an existing item and use it for something else. For instance, you could turn old glass bottles into a vase or table light by adding fairy lights.

What can be upcycled and reused?

You can upcycle glass, metal, fabric, wood, cardboard, tin, and packaging that would otherwise be thrown away such as plastic. The only limit is your imagination! What Can Be Upcycled and Repurposed?

What is the best paint to use to upcycle furniture?

The best paint to use to upcycle furniture is one that doesn’t require a primer and one that’s durable. Chalk paint is the primary paint for upcycling furniture thank to the winning qualities – chalk paint very rarely requires any preparation, such as sanding or priming, and can be used indoors or outside, on just about any surface.