What books do philosophy majors read?

What books do philosophy majors read?

Philosophy Reading List

  • J L Ackrill, Aristotle the Philosopher . Opus.
  • A J Ayer Language, Truth, and Logic .
  • George Berkeley Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous (many editions)
  • Simon Blackburn Think .
  • Simon Blackburn Being Good .
  • Tim Crane The Mechanical Mind .
  • Rene Descartes Meditations .(many editions)
  • Ross Harrison Democracy .

What should I read for philosophy?

10 easy philosophy books you have to read

  • Apology of Socrates by Plato.
  • Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle.
  • The discourse on method by Descartes.
  • Candide or Optimism by Voltaire.
  • Beyond good and evil by Nietzsche.
  • Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky.
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Kundera.
  • Existentialism and Humanism by Sartre.

How do you get answers to Plato?

PLATO answer keys are available online through the teacher resources account portion of PLATO. In addition to online answer keys, printed PLATO instructor materials also typically have an answer key. The PLATO answer key is accessible online when the unit test screen is open.

What order should I read philosophy?

  1. You should definitely start with the Republic by Plato.
  2. Second, Aristotle’s Logic, Physics, Metaphysics, and Nichomachean Ethics are all very important to each of the classical fields of philosophy: logic, epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics/aesthetics.
  3. Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy is also a must.

Who is the greatest philosopher in the world?

Here are 10 Greatest Philosophers who ever lived

  • Aristotle. The list of the greatest philosophers is incomplete without Aristotle.
  • Immanuel Kant. After Aristotle, Immanuel Kant comes at number #2 in the list of the greatest philosopher who ever lived.
  • John Locke.
  • Epicurus.
  • Zeno of Citium.
  • Plato.
  • Confucius.
  • David Hume.

What is the best introduction to philosophy?

The Eight Best Introductory Books on Philosophy

  • The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten: 100 Experiments for the Armchair Philosopher – Julian Baggini.
  • What Does It All Mean?: A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy – Thomas Nagel.
  • Sophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy – Jostein Gaarder.
  • Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy – Simon Blackburn.

Who is the real father of philosophy?

Socrates of Athens (l. c. BCE) is among the most famous figures in world history for his contributions to the development of ancient Greek philosophy which provided the foundation for all of Western Philosophy. He is, in fact, known as the “Father of Western Philosophy” for this reason.

What is Plato Learning Software?

PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations) was the first generalized computer-assisted instruction system. By the late 1970s, it supported several thousand graphics terminals distributed worldwide, running on nearly a dozen different networked mainframe computers.

How do I log into Plato?

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Who was the first philosopher?


Which philosopher should I read first?

If you are just starting out, then your first step should be to read some dialogues of Socrates. That’s where Western Philosophy begins, 2,400 years ago. Your next step would be to read Aristotle’s, Nicomachean Ethics (2,300 BC).

Is Wittgenstein hard to read?

Ludwig Wittgenstein is a notoriously difficult philosopher to read, let alone understand. The only book Wittgenstein published in his lifetime was 1921’s “Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus,” which is nearly unreadable. It was mostly written while he was fighting in World War I in the Austrian Army on the Russian front.

Who made Plato Learning?

The company that is today called Plato Learning traces its roots back to the University of Illinois. In the early 1960s, at that university’s Urbana campus, electrical engineering professor Don Bitzer and physics professor Chalmers Sherwin became intrigued by the idea of using computers for teaching.

What should a beginner read?

Never Too Late To Start Reading! 16 Books To Choose From If You’re A Beginner

  • The Great Gatsby by F.
  • The Catcher in the Rye by J. D.
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
  • The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.
  • Sita: An Illustrated Retelling of the Ramayana by Devdutt Pattanaik.
  • The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini.

Can teachers see your answers on Edmentum?

Answer: Yes, teachers can see if you didn’t do the tutorial on edmentum. Explanation: The reasons behind this answer are that first of all momentum as a platform managed by a team, shows the content observed or covered by every user.

Which country has the most philosophers?

What Western Country Has Produced The Greatest Philosophers?

  • Greece (Parmenides, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle)
  • Germany (Leibniz, Kant, Nietzsche, Frege, Marx, Heidegger, Hegel)
  • France (Descartes, Rousseau, Sartre, Beauvoir, Camus, Pascal, Foucault)
  • Britain (Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, Russell, Newton, Bentham, Mill)
  • US (Pierce, Quine, Dennett, Nagel, Rawls, King Jr.)
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