What barrel does Rock River use?

What barrel does Rock River use?

This attention to accuracy is especially evident in Rock River’s new model, the Advanced Tactical Hunter V2 (ATH V2). The ATH V2 comes with an 18-inch, stainless steel, heavy match barrel. The rifle I tested was chambered in . 223 Wylde, meaning that it can shoot both .

Are Rock River AR any good?

Rock River Arms were founded in 1993 and have been steadily earning a solid reputation as an AR-15 manufacturer eversince. With a hogue grip and A2 flash hider, the LAR-15 is comfortable to use, accurate and built to last. It’s got an RRA two-stage trigger and a star safety selector as well.

What are Rock River Arms barrels made of?

20 Inch Standard Heavy Stainless Steel Barrel, Unthreaded, with Extension and Pin. Note: This item is currently on indefinite backorder. 416R Stainless Steel, Hand Lapped. . 223 Wylde Chamber, 1:8 twist.

Who makes Rock River Arms?

Rock River Arms is owned and operated by brothers Mark and Chuck Larson. Between 1981 and 1991 the Larsons worked at Springfield Armory, Inc., where Mark was the head armorer. From Springfield Armory, the Larsons went into partnership with Les Baer to form Les Baer Custom and build custom 1911 pistols.

Are Rock River Arms mil spec?

Complete with buffer and spring. Mil-spec receiver extension. Not for use with RRA LAR-8.

What AR15 does the DEA use?

Rock River Arms is supplying the DEA with their AR15 chambered in . 223/5.56 NATO, equipped with an Eo Tech holo sight, a Surefire rail and white light, a Viking sling and an Eagle Industry carry case.

What brand of AR-15 Do the Marines use?

The M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) is a 5.56mm select-fire assault rifle, based on the HK416 by Heckler & Koch. It is used by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and is intended to enhance an automatic rifleman’s maneuverability.

What brand AR does special forces use?

Rifles. US Special Operations Command’s standard-issued rifle is the M4A1 with the SOPMOD II upgrade, which adds a variety of accessories to the rifle, such as rails, lasers, scopes, magnifiers, and grips. Many special operators, however, are free to customize their rifle as they see fit.