What are the specs of a HP Compaq?

What are the specs of a HP Compaq?

Graphics specifications

Feature Description
Memory frame buffer 512 MB, DDR3, 64-bit wide
Bus type PCI Express x16 Generation 2.0
Maximum vertical refresh 85 Hz
Display support Integrated 400 MHz RAMDAC

Is HP Compaq 6910P 64-bit?

HP Compaq 6910P 14.1″ Standard Refurbished Laptop – Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 2.0 GHz 4GB SODIMM DDR2 SATA 2.5″ 160GB HDD DVD-Combo Windows 10 Home 64-Bit.

Does HP Compaq 6910P have camera?

However, like other laptops from its days it sports a bulky frame, it doesn’t have a webcam and supports only USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0. For basic work, the 6910p offers decent performance and features, and it is still a viable option for businessmen or students on an extremely tight budget.

Does HP Compaq 6910P have bluetooth?

Having a handy 14.1 inch format and weighing 2.3 kg, the HP Compaq 6910p is a mobile office expert made by the American notebook producer Hewlett-Packard. Aspects especially important for sales agents are many provided communication modules, e.g., Bluetooth, WLAN standard n, Gigabit Ethernet, and built-in UMTS.

Does HP Compaq 6300 have wifi?

Wireless: Intel 802.11a/b/g/n wireless 6205 PCIe minicard.

Does HP Compaq 6000 Pro have WIFI?

Optional wireless connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN module. Bluetooth 2.1.

What is the rate of Compaq laptop?

Latest Compaq Laptops 2021 Compaq Laptop Price
Hp Pavilion x360 2 in 1 Laptop Rs. 41,997
Hp 15-BS661TX Laptop Rs. 40,390
Hp Imprint 15-BS580TX Laptop Rs. 40,892
Hp 245 G5 Laptop Rs. 40,199

Is HP Compaq laptop good?

As in most low-budget laptops, you have to live with average screen but the screen resolution in this laptop seems to be quite decent. If you are currently looking for a budget laptop with good configuration HP Compaq is surely a choice.

How do I turn on wifi on my HP Compaq 6910P?

How to Enable Wireless on an HP 6910P

  1. Power on the computer, ensure that the initial Windows setup is complete and that the machine is logged into an account with Administrator privileges.
  2. Press the Wireless button, located just above the keyboard to the right of the power button.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my Compaq laptop?

How to Turn on Bluetooth on a Compaq Laptop

  1. Click “Start” and type “wireless” into the “Start Search” field. Video of the Day.
  2. Click the “HP Wireless Assistant” icon in the list of results.
  3. Click the “Turn ON” button in the “Bluetooth” section to activate the Bluetooth antenna for your Compaq laptop. references.

Does the HP 6300 have Bluetooth?

Up to 300 mb/s data rate. Bluetooth 3.0 compliant.