What are the six policy forms approved for use in Ontario?

What are the six policy forms approved for use in Ontario?

O.P.F. 2: Ontario Driver’s Policy kb​

  • O.A.F. 2: Ontario Application for Automobile Insurance Driver’s Form.
  • OPCF 3: Drive Government Automobiles.
  • OPCF 16: Suspension of Coverage.
  • OPCF 20: Coverage for Transportation Replacement.
  • What is a oaf1?

    This is your Application for Automobile Insurance. – Check it carefully and notify your Broker/Agent of any errors or of any changes in the future. – Retain this document for your Records.

    What does the OPCF 27B cover?

    OPCF 27B is for business operations. It is also known as Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles in Your Care, Custody or Control. It protects businesses and business owners when renting or using other commercial vehicles and equipment.

    What OPCF 16?

    OPCF 16 is for “Suspension of Coverage.” It cancels your car insurance until it is reinstated. For that, you need a “Reinstatement of Coverage” or OPCF 17. By signing, you give up the 4 main components of car insurance.

    What is a 6A endorsement?

    sef 6A. Provides permission ot carry fellow employees, or neighbors for compensation to and from work.

    What is OPCF 38?


    What is SEF 27b?

    S.E.F No. The S.E.F. 27, when added to your automobile insurance policy, extends the physical damage coverage you currently carry on your personal vehicle, to a rental vehicle when you are away on vacation or business.

    What OPCF 47?

    The OPCF 47 provides that if optional accident benefits are purchased and are. “applicable” to a person under the policy, the insurer will permit the insured person to claim both mandatory accident benefits and optional accident benefits under that policy.

    What is OPCF 44R Family Protection Coverage?

    Family protection coverage, or OPCF44R in Ontario, is additional vehicle insurance that protects both you and eligible family members in the event of injury or death in an accident with an underinsured, uninsured, or unidentified motorist when you are not at fault.

    What is 5a endorsement?

    5a. Vehicles leased or under a contract of leasing. Changes. when owner and one lessee are mentioned as insured.