What are the shiny rocks in godus?

What are the shiny rocks in godus?

The presence of a temple is indicated by a cluster of shiny rocks in the ground that cannot be interacted with until the Gem Mining card is unlocked, but will lead into a cliff face and if the player uncovers where they lead, more of the path is revealed until part of the temple is visible.

What does wheat do in Godus?

Wheat, after unlocking, is then needed for creating Abodes. The bigger the abode, the more wheat is needed. Thus, wheat is then essential, and bigger farm plots are more needed. Wheat can also be used to re-energize tired followers.

What do the miners do in Godus?

A miner will find a plot within the radius of the settlement and begin constructing a mine. from the mines once they are constructed. When the ore has been fully grown the mine a rock icon will appear above the mine; clicking on this will give you the ore, and the excavation of the mine will begin again.

How many levels are there in Godus?

Over 70 unique and deformable levels across two continents. 4 playable Deities with a range of abilities.

How do I advance in Godus?

You’ll need stickers to advance in Godus and one of the easiest ways to do it is by going on voyages frequently. The same quests cycle themselves every 24 hours as well so after a while, you’ll learn how to avoid obstacles and make it through voyages at lightning speed.

What do Builder settlements do in Godus?

Builder settlements allow Abodes to be conglomerated into a settlement and the resulting free space surrounding the settlement can be built up on and further compressed into a bigger Builder Settlement.

What happens when you build the ark in Godus?

This ark will take all the followers who worked on it to a new land, which is full of mysteries and adventures. The Ark will take a long time to build and take many resources; up to 300 followers will make the voyage. Don’t worry you will still be able to come to this homeworld anytime.

Where are the gem seams in Godus?

On the first island: In the sand on the coast around the corner from the multiple empty farms on the hillside. In the grass, a little further along from the previous seam. In the grass at the base of the far side of the mountain, past the valley near the journeys dock.

What is wheat used for Godus?

is a consumable item, collected from farms, and used for building buildings.

What is the GREY in Godus?

Gray areas in the world are the parts of the world where one’s influence has not gone yet and, conversely, colorful areas are those only of your influence.

Is there an end to Godus?

Phillips denied the suggestion development on Godus has ceased. “No. Godus is an ongoing project, on both PC and mobile,” he said. “There’s lots of areas to support on the project, as you can imagine.