What are the problems with Discovery 3?

What are the problems with Discovery 3?

Common Discovery 3 Problems

  • Suspension bushes need replacement after 100-150K Miles.
  • Front lower control arms.
  • Front wheel bearings.
  • Tie rod ends worn.
  • Ball joints and toe links worn.
  • Brake pads.
  • Coolant adaptor.
  • Air Suspension Leaks.

Is the Discovery 3 good off road?

It is a leisurely performer, albeit remarkably refined and all but whisper-quiet in most situations. Off-road, it truly is a go-anywhere vehicle, with electronic gizmos taking car of most situations. The amount of axle articulation with the air suspension is amazing as well.

Which Land Rover has the biggest boot space?

Land Rover Discovery
The Land Rover Discovery has the biggest boot space available out of the Land Rover range. The boot size is small in comparison to some of the other 4x4s out there at just 228 litres when all seven seats up.

What is the height of a Land Rover Discovery 3?

Discovery 3 / LR3 (2004–2009)

Discovery 3 (L319)
Length 4,850 mm (190.9 in)
Width 1,920 mm (75.4 in)
Height 2005–2006: 1,880 mm (74.1 in) 2007–2009: 1,890 mm (74.5 in)
Kerb weight 2,419–2,461 kg (5,333–5,426 lb)

Why do Discovery 3 engines fail?

Defective Oil Pumps Cause Engine Failures! The most common engine problems for the Disco 3 + 4 are due to defective oil pumps. This is unfortunately a common problem, both in SA and UK.

How long will a Discovery 3 last?

A lack of servicing and maintenance is often to blame, but if you look after them properly they’ll hold their own and you can get more than 200,000 miles from them.

Does Discovery 3 have low range?

Naturally the Discovery 3 retains low range gearing, though selectable by switch rather than gearstick, leaving the driver with little more to do than watch the moving graphics on the touch-screen display showing which way the wheels are pointing and what the suspension is doing.

Does Discovery 3 have air suspension?

There’s no denying the Land Rover Discovery 3 offers a silky-smooth ride—so long as its air suspension is working.

What is lazy entry Range Rover?

Lazy entry mode ties the memory settings to an individual key fob/driver… so, when unlocking the vehicle… the vehicle will adjust memory positions to the specific fob before entering.