What are the organic practices to have a fermented plant juice?

What are the organic practices to have a fermented plant juice?

Mixed with crude sugar or molasses, the juice is extracted and fermented after storing for a period of time. The liquid is applied to plant’s leaves and growing points, soil around the plant, compost heap and animal beddings to fortify microbial activities.

How do you make fermented plant juice organic fertilizer?

  1. Collect plant material.
  2. Cut and weigh the plant material.
  3. Add brown sugar.
  4. Pack the plant-material-and-brown-sugar.
  5. Check the container after 24 hours and adjust.
  6. Let the contents ferment undisturbed.
  7. Separate the liquid from the solids.
  8. Store the FPJ properly.

What is fermented plant juice good for?

Just as fermented plant juice is used to enhance the soil and increase production of leafy plants in gardens, fermented fruit juice is used to increase sweetness and yield of fruiting plants as well as building healthier soil.

How long does fermented plant juice last?

Bottle up your FPJ and label it properly it should keep for 6-12 months.

How many days are required to harvest the fermented fruit juice?

In 7 days, plant juice is extracted and fermented. The fruit extract will change its color from yellow orange to brown, and will smell sweet and alcoholic. After 7 days, lift the bagged mixture and squeeze hard to get the remaining extracts.

How much is a gallon of FPJ?

This dilution comes out to 1 1/2 tsp FPJ per 1 gallon of water, 2 1/2 Tbsp per 5 gallons of water, 5 Tbsp FPJ liquid per 10 gallons, and so on.

Which is better FFJ or FPJ?

The findings we clearly suggested to use both combinations as FPJ water spinach for enhancing the vegetative growth of tomato plants than FPJ bamboo shoots (T3 and T5), while FFJ pineapple for better reproductive development of tomato plants rather than FFJ banana (T5) for ensuring future sustainable eco-friendly …

How do you make fermented fruit juice fertilizer?

Mix all fruits in a 20 liter container. Add 3 kilograms of molasses and mix thoroughly. See to it that all chopped fruits are covered with molasses or brown raw sugar for easier extraction. Place a nylon screen on top of the container and put 5-8 pieces of 25-50 grams of stone on top of the nylon screen.

What is the function of FPJ in organic chicken?

Maria, Ilocos Sur found that FPJ is an efficient source of vitamins and probiotics for broiler chickens as well. Lito Reboldela weighs the birds after 45 days. In their study, chickens given a FPJ supplement were healthier and heavier after 45 days than those which were not given the treatment.

Is FPJ a fertilizer?

Fermented Plant Juice is one of the best types of organic fertilizers. Fermented plant juice (FPJ) is a liquid fertilizer made from local plants and brown sugar.

What is FPJ fertilizer?

Fermented plant juice (FPJ) is a liquid fertilizer made from local plants and brown sugar. Korean Natural Farming and most types of natural farming in general take advantage of what nature provides. Bioliquid fertilizers like this FPJ do exactly this and are a main reason why natural farming is so effective.