What are the nutritional value of tomatoes?

What are the nutritional value of tomatoes?

Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K.

What is the calorific value of tomato?

One cup of chopped or sliced raw tomatoes contains : 32 calories (kcal) 170.14 g of water. 1.58 g of protein.

Do tomatoes lose nutrients when cooked?

— Cooking tomatoes — such as in spaghetti sauce — makes the fruit heart-healthier and boosts its cancer-fighting ability. All this, despite a loss of vitamin C during the cooking process, say Cornell food scientists. The reason: cooking substantially raises the levels of beneficial compounds called phytochemicals.

Is tomato a carbohydrate?

Tomatoes Tomatoes have a number of impressive health benefits. Like avocados, they are technically fruits but usually consumed as vegetables. They’re also low in digestible carbs. One cup (149 grams) of cherry tomatoes contains 6 grams of carbs, 2 of which are fiber (55).

Are there lipids in tomatoes?

In a more recent study based on previously published original research articles, an average tomato consists of ash 8.75%, water 94.17 (g/100 g), moisture 91.18 (g/100 g), total protein 17.71 (g/100 g), lipid 4.96 (g/100 g), carbohydrates 5.96 (g/100 g), total sugar 50.60 (g/100 g), pH 3.83, energy 34.67 kcal/100 g.

What is the healthiest way to eat tomatoes?

We saved the best (and easiest) for last – eating raw Tomatoes is by far the most nutritious way to enjoy this fresh fruit. Eat them as an on-the-go snack, toss them into a light salad, or slice them up and put them on a sandwich – it’s hard to beat that fresh-from-the-garden, raw Tomato taste.

Is eating raw tomato good for health?

Eating raw tomatoes is good for bones. The presential vitamin K, calcium, and lycopene in tomatoes is very good for repairing bones and strengthening as well as improving bone mass. Drinking Tomato juice can also significantly increase the presence of cell-protecting antioxidants.

Are tomatoes high in lipids?