What are the interview questions in Pega?

What are the interview questions in Pega?

Pega Interview Questions for Freshers

  • What do you mean by workspace or studio in the context of Pega?
  • Explain about classes in Pega.
  • What do you mean by a work object in the context of Pega?
  • What do you understand about DCO in Pega?
  • What do you know about SLA in the context of Pega?
  • What are the different types of SLA?

What is the use of Pega?

PEGA is a popular Business Process Management (BPM) tool created by Java concepts that allow users to execute changes faster than Java-based applications. The primary use of PEGA is to reduce costs and improve business reasons. PEGA is created in Java and uses OOP and Java ideas.

What is difference between Java and Pega?

Java is Pega’s target language. More specifically, the various rule forms in Pega are translated into Java. The Pega 7 server engine runs in a JVM as a Java application. Java EE provides portability of code because it is based on Java technology and standard-based Java programming APIs.

What do you know about Pega?

Founded in 1983, Pegasystems develops software for customer relationship management (CRM), robotic process automation (RPA), and business process management (BPM). The company has been publicly traded since 1996 as PEGA (NASDAQ)….Pegasystems.

Type Public
Number of employees 5,776
Website www.pega.com

What is a tracer in Pega?

In Pega Platform™, the Tracer allows you to capture and view the events that occur during case processing. Unlike the Clipboard tool, which presents the current value of properties in memory, the Tracer presents a complete log of the events that occur during case processing.

What is SMA in Pega?

SMA is utility to manage, monitor and control caches, agents, requestors, listeners, and other processing for all configured nodes. SMA is system management.

What are PEGA tools?

Pega is a Business Process Management tool. It is developed on Java and uses OOP and java concepts. And the big advantage is we don’t have to have to build the system from the scratch like any conventional programming.

What is PEGA case?

A case essentially represents work that an organization performs to achieve an outcome. Most cases are made up of multiple tasks and processes that drive the case toward its outcome.

What is Pega case?

What is PEGA full form?

Definition. PEGA. Programs in Extra-Galactic Astronomy. PEGA. Poly(Ethylene Glycol)-Polyacrylamide Copolymer (used in chromatography)

What is BPM tool?

BPM tools are used to design a systematic approach to optimize business processes. They are used to model, implement, and automate business workflows with the goal of improving corporate performance by minimizing errors, inefficiencies, and miscommunication.

What is Live UI in PEGA?

The Live UI tool helps you to identify Pega 7 user interface (UI) elements rendered on the current page. You can also quickly make UI adjustments at runtime and publish or discard changes on the fly. With Live UI, rule management is automated in Designer Studio, enabling less technical developers to modify the UI.