What are the controls for Tomb Raider?

What are the controls for Tomb Raider?

Tomb Raider Controls & Menu/Inventory System

MOVE CONTROLS (PC/Mac/PlayStation/Saturn)
Handstand/Walkover Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow X + R1 + D-Pad Up B + L + D-Pad Up
Grab & Pull Up Alt + Ctrl + Up Arrow Square + X + D-Pad Up A + B + D-Pad Up
Push/Pull Block Ctrl + Up/Down Arrow X + D-Pad Up/Down B + D-Pad Up/Down

How do you drop down in Tomb Raider ps4?

Drop. Press / to drop off of a handhold, rockface, or ledge that Lara is hanging onto.

How do you drop down in Tomb Raider Anniversary?

Use direction keys/stick to climb up, down and side to side. To climb faster, tap Interact as you go. To let go and drop, press Crouch. Or press Jump in combination with direction keys/buttons or control stick to leap off the ladder toward another grabbable object.

How do you drop down in Tomb Raider?

For the default keys to drop safely from a ledge, use c to drop, and e to grab on to the ledge.

How do you go down the ladder in Tomb Raider?

Tomb Raider Classic To climb up a ladder from below, stand in front, press the Action Button (you may also jump up first] and hold it to grab the ladder. Then press up. To climb down a ladder, stand with your back to it, hop down, press and hold the action button to grab hold and press down.

How do you grapple down in Tomb Raider?

Trouble is, you need to push a shoulder button while clinging to a wall with your pick in order to rappel downwards. However, the temptation is to hold the trigger in, as logic says that letting go of the button may cause you to fall.

How do I get out of the collapsed temple in Tomb Raider?

From the Collapsed Temple Base Camp, swim across the pool, climb out on the ledge at water level, then climb up on the left. Climb the stairs and continue to the edge of the chasm. Jump off the wooden ledge and latch onto the climbable wall. Climb up as far as you can.

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Is Tomb Raider ps3 open world?

‘Tomb Raider’ Is the Best Open-World Game for Busy People. Sometimes less is more. Big, sweeping open-world games are here to stay.