What are the chances of dying white water rafting?

What are the chances of dying white water rafting?

Nationwide, the number of fatalities has ranged between six and ten per year for an estimated 2.5 million user days on guided trips. The incidence of commercially guided rafting fatalities is estimated to range from one death per 250,000 person visits to one death per 400,000 person visit days.

Is rafting expensive?

Youth white water rafting prices are typically $10 – $20 less than adult prices. Day Rafting Trips: Full Day (5+ hrs) white water rafting costs = $65 – $110 per person (full day trips typically include lunch) Half Day (2-4 hrs) white water rafting costs = $30 – $65 per person.

How do you stay in the raft when white water rafting?

Brace Yourself in the Raft Feet– keep your front foot tucked lightly under the air tube in front of you, or in the foot hold if you’re in the front of the raft. But don’t shove them in too far, because if you do fall out, you don’t want your foot to be trapped.

How much do you tip a white water raft?

Tip a white water rafting guide between 5 and 20% of the overall cost of your rafting trip. Between $5 and $20 per person, is usually acceptable.

How much is it to white water raft?

For a single person, full-day and half-day whitewater rafting prices can range from $30 to $350 USD. A full-day typically ranges from $120 to $350 USD for adults and $130 to $200 USD for youth. This may include lunch and optional activities. Half-day costs range from $30 to $100 USD for both adults and youth.

How long is the rafting ride on the Big Vermillion River?

Vermillion River Rafting offers three to four hours whitewater rafting and kayaking adventures on the Big Vermillion River. Attention Guests! Please be advised under new law we have a minor change in our rental procedure.

How do I check the water level in Vermillion River?

It’s a good idea to read their website, then look up Water Watch on the USGS website. Keep in mind water levels do constantly change, Vermillion River Rafting is a very unique “thing to do” here in the flatland state of Illinois.

Can you paddle the Vermillion River with friends?

You and your friends can have the time of your life as you paddle between the high cliffs and through the rapids on the Vermillion River. Just 4 miles south of Starved Rock State Park off Illinois Highway 178.

How long does it take to go whitewater rafting in Illinois?

In fact, I believe it is the only place in Illinois to have an actual whitewater venue, save for the short manmade rapid on the Fox River in Yorkville. The trip itself takes about 3 hours when allowing for short breaks. Many parties can make a longer trip out of it when stopping for picnicing, short swims and such along the way.