What are some feeling words?

What are some feeling words?

Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary Word Listacceptance. admiration. adoration. affection. afraid. beleaguered. bewitched. bitterness. bliss. blue. calculating. calm. capricious. caring. cautious. defeated. defiance. delighted. dependence. depressed. eager. earnest. easy-going. ecstasy. fascinated. fatalistic. fear. fearful. generous. glad. gloating. gloomy. happiness. happy. harried. homesick.

How do I start to write my feelings?

5 Ways to Process Your Emotions Through WritingWrite about experiencing the feeling in third person. This gives you some distance from the feeling, and maybe even a different perspective. Write about your memories. Give the emotion to a character. Write about your feelings regularly. Write about your emotion like you’re writing a children’s book.

How do you express your sadness in words?

Related wordskeenverb. mainly literary to make a long high sound expressing pain or sadness.lamentverb. to show publicly that you feel sad or disappointed about something.lamentnoun. something that people say that shows sadness or disappointment.lamentationnoun. moanverb. mournverb. shed tearsphrase. sorrowverb.