What are some cute Spanish words?

What are some cute Spanish words?

50 Beautiful Spanish Words

  • bonita: pretty (adjective)
  • precioso: precious/beautiful (adjective)
  • señorita: young lady (noun)
  • guapo: handsome (adjective)
  • rosado: pink (adjective)
  • amor: love (noun)
  • encantar: to enchant (verb)
  • desear: to wish (verb)

What are Spanish terms of endearment?

Amor. Used with the possessive pronoun “mi” (my), this is probably the most commonly used term for your romantic partner.

  • Cariño. It can be translated to English in my ways, but the most common and accurate ones are “dear”, “honey” and “sweetie”.
  • Mi vida.
  • Mi cielo.
  • Corazón.
  • Bebé
  • Mi rey.
  • Príncipe.
  • How do you say cute in Spanish slang?

    ‘¡Qué mono! ‘ is a common phrase in Spanish that means ‘how cute! ‘ It is used for everything from babies to dogs and is such a common phrase it’s easy to forget its origins. But if you tried it out in South America, you would be met with some funny looks – the real meaning of mono in Spanish is monkey.

    Can I call my boyfriend mi amor?

    Now if you’re looking for special Spanish names to call your boyfriend or husband, here are some romantic ones to choose from….III. Spanish Terms of Endearment for Male Lover.

    Spanish term English Meaning/ Equivalent Term
    querido dear
    tesoro darling
    mi amor my love
    gordo chubby

    What is a mijo?

    So according to Urban Dictionary “mijo” is defined as follows: Conjoined spanish slang of affection. Mi + hijo, “my son.” Can be said to any man or boy, usually by an older person. Can also mean “my dear” “sweetie” or “hun.” Also directed to guys by thier wives, girlfriends, or any female freind and/or peer.