What are salaries of WNBA players?

What are salaries of WNBA players?

The average WNBA salary is $120,648, according to Yahoo Finance. Even the WNBA’s highest-paid players in 2021 only make $221,430. Stephen Curry, the NBA’s top earner, has a player salary of more than $45 million.

How much does the lowest WNBA player make?

Current Salaries

Key CBA Numbers
Player Supermaximum $221,450
Player Maximum $190,550
Player Minimum (3+ YOS) $70,040
Player Minimum (0-2 YOS) $58,710

How much does an WNBA coach make?

This is an equitable statement and in the midst of all our inequities in our country, I hope it’s a turning point.” Under the new contract, Staley’s base salary will be $1 million per year with outside compensation starting at $1.9 million in the first year and escalation by $100,000 per year thereafter.

How much does Skylar Diggins make?

Diggins- Smith is one of the highest-paid basketball players in the WNBA. In February 2020, Phoenix Mercury signed Skylar for four years under WNBA’s new collective bargaining agreement will pay her $215,000 base salary this year.

How much does Dawn Staley make per year?

Staley will earn $2.9 million this season, with her salary increasing by $100,000 each year. This means, on average, she will rake in over $3 million per year. She also can increase her earnings with up to $680,000 in yearly bonuses, including $500,000 for winning another national championship.

How much does Diana Taurasi make in Russia?

While Diana no longer plays overseas, her career there was an extremely lucrative one. She made $1.5 million per season with the Russian team UMMC Ekaterinburg.

How much does Courtney Williams make?

Current Salaries

Player 2021 2023
Courtney Williams $190,550
Cheyenne Parker $185,000 $196,100
Shekinna Stricklen $175,100
Tianna Hawkins $140,000 UFA

How much does a Ja Wilson make?

A’ja Wilson signed a 4 year / $232,178 contract with the Las Vegas Aces, including an annual average salary of $58,045….Current Contract.

Contract: 4 yr(s) / $232,178
Average Salary: $58,045
Signed Using:
Free Agent: 2022 / RFA