What are J40 Irons?

What are J40 Irons?

The J40 is the newest version of the J38 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons that most recently Fred Couples won two events with on the Champions Tour. These are premium forged irons with a mid sized head and traditional look when standing over them.

What is the difference between the J40 and J40 dual PCs?

The J40 Dual PCs have a longer profile from heel to toe and two pocket cavities behind the face, both to help increase the forgiveness factor. Both irons are forged, both have sole designs for versatility (the CBs with slightly more), and both come with Project X steel shafts.

Are the j40dpc Irons good for a 24 handicap?

The J40DPC irons feature some great technology and design for a more serious golfer. If you’re a 24 handicap, you could definitely try them, but these are not “game improvement” clubs.

Should I buy the J15 or J40?

Bottom line the j40 are frickin awesome, buy them if you can get a good deal and then spend the savings on new shafts!! The J15 are probably just as good. I picked up a near mint set of j40 DPCs from the bay after a couple weeks of looking around. There are more combo sets and CB sets for sure but there are plenty of DPCs around too.