What are exotic weapons in Destiny?

What are exotic weapons in Destiny?

Bungie Exotic weapons are the rarest and coolest-looking guns in “Destiny,” the popular shooter from the makers of “Halo.” Each one has its own unique perk, designed to help you in clever ways other guns can’t.

What are the exotic weapons in Destiny 2 season of opulence?

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Exotic weapons Bad Juju (Kinetic pulse rifle) Bad Juju is a powerful pulse rifle that increases Super regeneration through a Rampage-like damage perk.

Are exotics in Destiny 2 worth the grind?

Exotics are tough to get, but offer some of the most interesting and unique abilities in the game. They are well worth the grind. Some Exotics require quests to obtain, but many are found as random drops from activities throughout the game. No matter how you get them, Exotics are some of the best weapons Destiny 2 has to offer.

Is the pocket infinity the best exotic fusion rifle in Destiny?

Exotic perk: ” Fires in full auto mode and has a chance to return rounds that miss to the magazine.” Bottom line: Despite having a nice perk, and being only one of two automatic exotic fusion rifles in “Destiny,” Pocket Infinity is undone by its poor stats: namely, a low magazine size and poor range.

What is Xur in Destiny 2 and how does he work?

If you’re new to Destiny 2 and need a bit more information about how this works, you should know that Xur is a special vendor who sells exotic weapons and armor. Each week, he comes to the solar system with a slate of goods, including an exotic weapon and one piece of exotic armor for each character class.

How do you get exotic cipher in Xenology?

Exotic Cipher Quest — Xenology: Exotic Ciphers are items that allow players to obtain older exotic weapons. Every week, Xur will sell one exotic quest, which awards an exotic cipher. You can hold only one exotic cipher quest at a time, so make sure to clear out anything you have in progress so you can buy a new one every week.