What are examples of short A?

What are examples of short A?

Short “A” Words

act apt bag
cap cab fan
fad gap ham
had hat lad
lap man nap

What is the short A?

The short a /æ/ sounds like (short a). It’s the vowel sound in the word cat /k æ t/.

What are words with short vowels?

Short vowel a words. ant. pan. wag. jam. cat.

  • Short vowel e words. egg. bed. test. jet. hen.
  • Short vowel i words. dig. tip. hid. crib. sit.
  • Short vowel o words. God. hop. stop. jot. fox.
  • Short vowel u words. cub. gun. buzz. dug. tug.
  • Long vowel a words. mail. gain. bake. ape.
  • Long vowel e words. sea. seal. fear. beef.
  • Long vowel i words. hide. bike. dime. vine.
  • What languages use ā?

    Ā is used to denote a long A. Examples are the Baltic languages, Polynesian languages, some romanizations of Japanese, Persian, Pashto, Assyrian Neo-Aramaic (which represents a long A sound) and Arabic, and some Latin texts (especially for learners).

    Is can a short A?

    The short “a” sound is the vowel sound in act, as, and at. Or go to the answers. Find and write words that have a short A sound. The words are ham, cat, bag, can, hat, man, rat, hand, bat, mask.

    Which language has the smallest alphabet?

    Jump to navigation Jump to search. The modern Rotokas alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of only 12 letters of the ISO basic Latin alphabet with no diacritics: It is the smallest alphabet in use today. The majority of the Rotokas people are literate in their language.

    Which language has the most letters?

    The language with the most letters is Khmer (Cambodian), with 74 (including some without any current use). According to Guinness Book of World Records , 1995, the Khmer alphabet is the largest alphabet in the world.

    Which alphabet has the most letters?

    The alphabet proper with the most letters is the Georgian alphabet with 33 distinct letters. The Georgian Alphabet is primarily used in the country of Georgia. The abjad alphabet with the most letters is Sindhi with 51 letters. Sindhi is used in Pakistan and India.

    How to learn shorthand writing?

    1) Visit your local library or bookstore to locate books on learning shorthand. Alternatively, you can order books about shorthand online. 2) Look for old “text kits. ” If you want to teach yourself shorthand, these kits are designed for you. 3) Obtain a shorthand dictionary for your system. These publications can show how different words are written in shorthand. 4) Take advantage of an array of online shorthand resources. These include tutorials, dictations, and shorthand samples. 5) Enroll in a shorthand class. Such classes may be offered online or in person.