What are EuroCity trains?

What are EuroCity trains?

A collaboration between the main train companies for each country including Trenitalia (Italy), SBB (Switzerland), Deutsche Bahn (Germany) and OBB (Austria) – EuroCity trains provide a quick and easy daytime service that hops between some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Want to know more about travelling on EC trains in Europe?

Are there passport checks on EuroCity trains?

However, ticket control and passport checks may take place once onboard international services. EuroCity trains are comfortable, with plenty of legroom and adequate space for luggage. On most EuroCity services, the crew will come through the train offering cold and hot drinks, sandwiches and cold snacks.

What is the EuroCity ticket pricing system?

The EuroCity ticket pricing system is simple and easy to understand. There are two types of train tickets available to purchase – First Class and Standard Class – seat reservations are not always compulsory, but we’d recommend them for the more popular routes. We’ve listed a few EuroCity train ticket features below.

How far in advance can I book EuroCity?

EuroCity tickets are open for bookings 180 days in advance. Seat reservations are not always compulsory on EuroCity trains, but it is better to reserve a seat when travelling on busier, more popular routes. Get the lowest prices on EuroCity by booking early and don’t wait until the last minute as cheaper seats sell out quickly.

What are the best Hungary trains to travel?

Being one of the most comfortable Hungary trains, Railjet is a preferred option among travelers in Europe. Railjet’s maximum speed is 230 km/h (143 mph), making it the fastest train operating on the Hungarian rail routes. Railjet passengers can select from three coach classes, including Second Economy Class, First Class, and Business Class.

What is the name of the private railway in Hungary?

The private railway lines operated by the Austrian-Hungarian railway company GYSEV (known in Austria as Raaberbahn) can also be accessed with your Interrail Pass. Which trains in Hungary require reservations? How can I make reservations for trains in Hungary?

What can I do with my Interrail Pass in Hungary?

If your Interrail Pass is valid in Hungary, you’ll get access to Hungary’s national railway company, MAV-START. You’ll also get access to GySEV/Raaberbahn trains that operate in the country. Fast trains (regional or interregional): Reservations not required.