What are Corin and Touchstone discussing at the beginning of Act 3 Scene 2?

What are Corin and Touchstone discussing at the beginning of Act 3 Scene 2?

Touchstone and Corin proceed to banter about the suitableness of court manners in the country and country manners in the court, and specifically about the possibility of shepherds adopting the practice of kissing each other’s hands. Corin says that he is content to lead a simple life and care for his ewes and lambs.

What is the gist of Act 3 Scene 2?

Summary: Act 3, scene 2 Suddenly the Nurse rushes in with news of the fight between Romeo and Tybalt. The Nurse assures her, however, that she knows where Romeo is hiding and will see to it that Romeo comes to her for their wedding night. Juliet gives the Nurse a ring to give to Romeo as a token of her love.

What is the dramatic importance of Act 3 Scene 2?

Dramatic Importance and Effectiveness of Act 3 Scene 2 in A Winters Tale. This scene is important in context to the entire play because it provides a crucial change of mood. This scene, in one respect, is the climax of the dark, tragic half of the play.

How do Rosalind Touchstone and Celia react to Orlando’s poetry?

He hangs poems that he has composed in Rosalind’s honor on every tree, hoping that passersby will see her “virtue witnessed everywhere” (III. ii. 8). Corin and Touchstone enter, but are too engrossed in a conversation about the relative merits of court and country life to pay attention to Orlando’s verses.

What are Corin and Touchstone discussing at the beginning of Scene 2?

Meanwhile, Corin and Touchstone discuss philosophy and compare shepherding life in the forest to life at court. Touchstone states that “thou art damned” for not having been at court, since only at court can one learn good manners, and any other manners must be wicked.

Why does touchstone say that Corin is a natural philosopher?

Your reason. Why, if thou never wast at court, thou never saw’st good manners; if thou never saw’st good manners, then thy manners must be wicked; and wickedness is sin, and sin is damnation. Thou art in a parlous34 state, shepherd. Not a whit35, Touchstone.

What is the theme of Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 2?

In this scene, there are two different themes that are expressed through Juliet and the nurse. Both the nurse and Juliet express the theme of both love and hate. Juliet shows love because even though Romeo has done bad things and was banished, she still forgave him because he had his reasons for killing Tybalt.

What news does the nurse bring to Juliet in Act 3 Scene 2?

The Nurse arrives with the news that Romeo has killed Tybalt and has been banished. Juliet at first feels grief for the loss of her cousin Tybalt and verbally attacks Romeo, but then renounces these feelings and devotes herself to grief for Romeo’s banishment. The Nurse promises to bring Romeo to Juliet that night.

What is the purpose of Ariel’s music in Act 3 Scene 2?

In this scene, Ariel appears as a water-nymph, invisible to everyone except for his master, Prospero. He uses this song to calm the stormy seas which has shipwrecked Ferdinand and his father’s ship, to calm Ferdinand, and to lead him further into the island.

What happens in Act 3 Scene 2 of The Merchant of Venice?

Summary: Act III, scene ii In Belmont, Portia begs Bassanio to delay choosing between the caskets for a day or two. If Bassanio chooses incorrectly, Portia reasons, she will lose his company. Bassanio insists that he make his choice now, to avoid prolonging the torment of living without Portia as his wife.

Who does Audrey marry in As You Like It?

iii. 25). Nevertheless, Touchstone has arranged to marry Audrey in the forest with Sir Oliver Martext, a vicar from a nearby village, officiating.

What is the relationship between Rosalind and Celia?

Celia is the daughter of Duke Frederick and niece of the banished Duke Senior. Celia and Rosalind are cousins but they have sisterly affection….Celia (As You Like It)

Family Duke Frederick (father) Rosalind (cousin)

What is the plot of as you like it?

As You Like It is a pastoral comedy by William Shakespeare that was first performed in 1603. Read As You Like It here, with side-by-side No Fear translations into modern English. After their father’s death, Orlando is mistreated by his greedy brother Oliver, who attempts to get Orlando hurt in an upcoming wrestling match against Charles.

What are some good act 3 quotes?

ACT 3. SC. 2 the very uncleanly flux of a cat. Mend the instance, shepherd. CORIN You have too courtly a wit for me. I’ll rest. TOUCHSTONE 70Wilt thou rest damned? God help thee, shallow man. God make incision in thee; thou art raw. CORIN Sir, I am a true laborer. I earn that I eat, get that and my lambs suck. all reasonable match.

How do I track the themes in as you like it?

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in As You Like It, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Orlando is reading what appears to be his own poetry from a piece of paper in his hand.

What is the main theme of Act 3 of Othello?

In Act III, as the play moves from Duke Frederick’s court into the Forest of Ardenne, Shakespeare explores more fully the complexities of his major themes: the merits of country versus city life, and the delights and dismays of romantic love.