What anime has the most plot twist?

What anime has the most plot twist?

So here’s my list of animes(mostly famous) with lot of plot twists:

  • Death Note- The most obvious choice to any one who is to start watching Anime.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood- This show is considered GOAT for many, and rightly so.
  • Attack on Titan- Who wouldn’t have heard of this show.

What is the most viewed anime?

Top 50 Most Viewed
# title rating
1 Fullmetal Alchemist (TV) 8.65
2 Death Note (TV) 8.78
3 Cowboy Bebop (TV) 8.90

What is the plot in anime?

One of the most important elements is the plot, or the events that occur within the story. While no anime is complete without each element in place, plot is crucial. To make an anime with a good story, no particular events are needed.

What is the most watched anime ever?

Who is the best anime hero?

With all that out of the way, it’s time to get down to business, time to take a look at the most powerful warriors for good in anime, time to rank the 25 strongest anime heroes ever!…

  1. 1 SAITAMA.
  2. 2 SON GOKU.
  3. 3 VEGETA.
  5. 5 MONKEY D.
  8. 8 DEVILMAN.

Who is the most known anime character?

  1. 1 Lelouch Lamperouge-Code Geass (112,860 Votes)
  2. 2 L Lawliet-Death Note (92,662 Votes)
  3. 3 Monkey D.
  4. 4 Levi Ackerman-Attack on Titan (71,809 Votes)
  5. 5 Edward Elric-Fullmetal Alchemist (69,513 Votes)
  6. 6 Light Yagami-Death Note (68,258 Votes)
  7. 7 Rintarou Okabe-Steings;Gate (64,901 Votes)
  8. 8 Roronoa Zoro-One Piece (62,906 Votes)

Which anime has the best music?

This entry is by no means surprising because Cowboy Bebop has, without a doubt, the best music in anime. While it does have phenomenal stories and timeless messages, the music in Cowboy Bebop elevates it from great to legendary. In a way, Cowboy Bebop IS its music.

How to make a good anime plot?

Create a sense of urgency at the opening of your story.

  • Introduce all of your minor characters at the same time to avoid confusion or lengthy introductions.
  • Once everything has settled,introduce something new,whether it’s a conflict or a new relationship.
  • Allow your characters to struggle to resolve their conflicts.
  • What are the top 10 best anime of all time?

    Dragon Ball. Dragonball follows Son Goku,a young boy who lives in the woods.

  • One Piece. One Piece is a great anime that you can easily become obsessed with!
  • Pokemon. Pokemon is considered to be one of the most popular anime series out there.
  • Naruto.
  • Death Note.
  • Detective Conan.
  • Attack on Titan.
  • Sailor Moon.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • Sword Art Online.
  • What anime is the best?

    Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun: Girl Makes A Wish To A Ghost&Ends Up Becoming His Assistant.

  • Dorohedoro: a Man Wakes Up One Day To Find Himself Turned Into A “Lizard Head”.
  • Tower Of God: a Boy Climbs The Tower To Get His Beloved Back From Said Tower.
  • Fire Force Season 2: In Order To Save His Family,Shinra Must Fight The Mysterious Evangelist First.
  • Which is the Best Story anime?

    “Cowboy Bebop” (1998)

  • “Yasuke” (2021)
  • “Claymore” (2007)
  • “Case Closed” (1996)
  • “Castlevania” (2017)
  • “Dr. Stone” (2019)
  • “Naruto” (2002)
  • “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” (2020)
  • “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (1995)
  • “The Seven Deadly Sins” (2014)