Was Nadal injured 2009 French Open?

Was Nadal injured 2009 French Open?

That’s what happened in 2009. Soderling was teeing off on every shot and Nadal was a half step slow. Less than three weeks later, Nadal pulled out of Wimbledon, citing tendonitis in his knees. He said the pain worsened in his Madrid final loss to Federer before the French Open.

What happened to Rafael Nadal in 2009?

Injury. After his surprise defeat at Roland Garros, Nadal withdrew from the AEGON Championships. It was confirmed that Nadal was suffering from tendinitis in both of his knees. On 19 June, Nadal withdrew from the 2009 Wimbledon Championship, citing his recurring knee injury.

Who beat Nadal at Roland Garros 2009?

Robin Soderling
On this day, May 31, 2009, the unbelievable happened as Rafael Nadal was defeated for the first time ever at Roland-Garros, in the fourth round by Robin Soderling, whom he had destroyed just a few weeks earlier in Rome, 6-1 6-0.

How many times has Nadal lost at French Open?

The Mayorca island tennis player Rafael Nadal has been the most successful in history on clay courts. He has a 62–8 record in clay court tournament finals and has lost only four times in best-of-five-set matches on this turf.

Did Nadal play in the 2015 French Open?

Rafael Nadal was the five-time defending champion, but lost to Djokovic in the quarterfinals. This was only Nadal’s second career defeat at the French Open (the previous one being in 2009 to Robin Söderling) and ended his record win streak at the tournament of 39 matches.

Which French Opens Nadal lost?

Novak Djokovic (2015) Nadal’s second defeat was in the quarterfinal of the French Open 2015, where he lost from Djokovic in straight sets,5-7 3-6 1-6. It was Djokovic’s first victory against the Spaniard in seven meetings at the tournament.

Has Nadal ever lost a French Open?

It was Nadal’s third loss in 108 matches at a tournament he won each of the last four years, including by beating Djokovic in the 2020 final. Nadal’s first defeat at the French Open came against Robin Soderling in 2009; the next against Djokovic in 2015.