Top Universities In the US for MIS Programs

Top Universities In the US for MIS Programs

Information does not equal knowledge or insight and it is a capital impossibility to reach any intelligent solution without processing large fields of data. That is why companies today invest in data management and processing, to make full use of the bounties of data we find everywhere and constantly in this digital age.

Management Information Systems is an integrative approach of studying people, places, technologies, organizations, and computer information systems for implementation of appropriate policies. Professionals with a background of top MIS programs in USA are well-versed in the theory and practical use of –data storage, organization, retrieving, and information analysis in different settings, be it business, the public sector, or academia.

Here goes a few of the top ranked MBA in MIS programsoffered by USA b-schools:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Sloan’s Information Technology wing is engaged in groundbreaking research focused on the economic, social, and organizational aspects of the digital age, technologies that change the method of our lives and works!

MIT offered MIS programs are constantly ranked among the best of IT doctoral programs, attracting some of the best young minds of the era. The coterie of MIT is small and very selective. Typically, every year, less than 5 percent of the total number of applicants are selected at the MIS courses here.

The scope of MIS at this premier university lets you choose multiple disciplines including– Business Information Management, IT Strategy, Telecom Information Management, and more.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie’s MIS and MISM (Master of Information Systems Management) blends an array of technical insights and leadership quality enhancing exercises in the coursework. Joining the MIS programswill help bring you up to become top-notch professionals in the fields of Business Analysis, Business Application Development, IT Consultancy, Systems Analysis, IT Development and specific Project Leadership, Database Administration, Web Development, Network Administration, Technical Supports Specialist Activities, Information Systems Manager, IT User Liaison Functions, and more!

Carnegie avails five major MIS course pathways. There’s a 16-month program and a 12-month program conducted in Pittsburg, the best in the industry opportunity to master Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) course spanning over 16-month and 12-month time in two different formats, and lastly, an intercontinental, multi-city experience, the second city most probably being Adelaide, Australia.

Research and solutions finding endeavors that Carnegie Mellon is involved in the MIS segment are–

  • Blockchain technology for securing interconnectedness
  • In-depth understanding of machine learning how it may help to predict consumer behavior
  • Introduction of text analytics for doubling the efficiency of IT in health care
  • Developing cutting-edge chat bots for driving up sales
  • Measuring social media impact on industries with greater accuracy and insight
  • Development of voice recognition for enabling chronic patients to manage home care on their own

At the end of the 12-month course, Carnegie Mellon graduates can earn a six figure starting salary as good as $104,590.

Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

Offering some of the top MIS programs in the USA, the Carlson School initiates students in systematic planning, design, analysis, use of digital assets and its management in organizations on the large scale. Besides, there are also segments of training in understanding in-depth IT-enabled processing of business activities and synthesis of acquired information/knowledge.

As a Carlson graduate, you will know how to understand and apply information technology in opening up business opportunities for any organisation and to internalise the necessary skills for great management of work, essential in all business spheres for successfully securing opportunities.

Students majoring in MIS at the Carlson School of Management, can join the MIS Case Competition Team and participate in international case competitions to show off their skills to all the right people and prospective employers.

Get a MIS major from any of these top institutes in the US to strengthen your IT resume.