Should I burn EZIC gift papers please?

Should I burn EZIC gift papers please?

The money from EZIC you receive on day 11 or 12 will always be confiscated, together with any other savings you have. If you burn the money, you will get to keep your other savings.

How do you get the EZIC ending in papers please?

To get this ending, the inspector needs to complete at least four of the five tasks listed below:

  1. Allow Mikhail Saratov to enter on day 11.
  2. Allow Stepheni Graire to enter on day 14.
  3. Allow Marie Escalli to enter on day 17.
  4. Poison Khaled Istom on day 20.

How do you complete papers please?

How to Ace Papers, Please

  1. Check expiration dates first.
  2. Verify all the required documentation is there.
  3. Only give your family food and heat if they’re not “OK”.
  4. Ignore all EZIC requests.
  5. Make sure you read your daily bulletin.
  6. Remember to check gender.
  7. Do what your supervisor tells you.

What documents are needed for papers please?


  • All entrants must have a passport.
  • All documents must be current and not expired.
  • All foreigners must have a valid, unexpired entry permit.
  • All Arstotzkans must have a valid ID card.
  • All workers must have a valid work pass.
  • All diplomats must have authorization to enter Arstotzka.

Do you let Corman Drex in?

Giving the note to Drex is mandatory and does not prevent getting ending 20 (where the inspector needs to avoid all five tasks EZIC gives him). After receiving the paper, Drex will hand the inspector a note and asks him to read it quickly.

How do you fast in papers please?

Memorizing the Arstotzkan districts, passport issuing cities and seals makes the work go much quicker. Alternatively you can use a cheat sheet which gather this information together onto a single paper you can print out or display in another window.

Is papers please on a time limit?

The minimum real-time duration of each day varies from 3 to 8 minutes. During this time, the inspector inspects entrants’ documents and uses a sparse array of tools to determine whether the papers are in order. When time runs out or a scripted event ends a day, the final stage of the day begins.

What happens if you give the wrong documents Papers, Please?

The agent instructs the inspector to give the false documents to the imposter. They will give the inspector 10 credits in exchange for the documents received earlier. They can be given either set of documents; the headline on day 10 will change depending on which set the inspector gives them.

Is there a good ending in papers please?

Here are the good endings: Ending 20: Stay loyal to Arstotska by not completing any of the EZIC tasks; stop the terrorists on day 31 from blowing up the checkpoint. Ending 19: Help EZIC by completing 4-5 of the EZIC tasks; hold your fire on day 31. Ending 18: Escape to Obristan with all living family members.