Is UK Embassy open in Iran?

Is UK Embassy open in Iran?

Due to the changing developments of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Embassy is continually adjusting how we provide services safely for both customers and staff. The Embassy is largely closed to the public and services have been reduced.

Does Iran have an Embassy in the UK?

The Embassy of Iran in London is the diplomatic mission of Iran in the United Kingdom. It is located in a terrace overlooking Hyde Park in South Kensington, Westminster, London, next to the embassy of Ethiopia. Iran also maintains a Consular Section at 50 Kensington Court, South Kensington.

How long does it take to get UK visa from Iran?

Get UK tourist visa from Iran Post the appointment, it usually takes 14 working days for the consulate to process the visa. The visa copy will be attached to your passport.

Can Iranian apply for UK visa?

Iranian citizens will need an approved United Kingdom visa and a valid Iranian passport in order to travel to the UK. If you are traveling to the UK with the intention of working there or establishing residency, you will need to apply for a different visa.

Do we have an embassy in Iran?

The US diplomatic mission has been defunct and the building has not been used by the U.S. since the Iran hostage crisis of 1979. Since then, the United States government has been represented in Iran by the United States Interests Section of the Embassy of Switzerland in Tehran.

Does UK have Embassy in Tehran?

The British Embassy in Iran maintains and develops relations between the UK and Iran. We provide services to British nationals living in and visiting Iran. You can access UK government services while in Iran.

When did the Iranian embassy in London close?

The Iranian Embassy siege took place from 30 April to 5 May 1980, after a group of six armed men stormed the Iranian embassy on Prince’s Gate in South Kensington, London.

How much is visa to Iran from UK?

To obtain the ‘tourist’ visa permit only, the cost is £145 per passport. In this case you have to collect the visa stamp yourself, at which point you will have to pay the visa stamp fees to the Iranian Consulate depending on your nationality. For example a UK passport holder would pay a further £170 visa stamp fees.

How much is a visa from UK to Iran?

Visa Stamp fees The Iranian Consulate charge British passport holders around £170 for a tourist visa stamp and £80 for an EU passport holder. Fees vary for other nationalities – please contact the Consulate directly to find out the precise amount. Payment must be in cash only.