Is Tomoe River Paper discontinued?

Is Tomoe River Paper discontinued?

Tomoe River paper has come to an end as of December 2020 and the paper that now exists is the last.

Is Tomoe River paper the best?

Tomoe River is one of the best fountain pen friendly paper, in my opinion. Because for such a thin paper (at 52 gsm), it handles fountain pen ink really well. You can dump a lot of ink on the paper and you won’t see it bleed-through the rest of the pages (see image below).

What is Tomoe River Paper?

Tomoe River Paper is a specific brand of paper made in Japan by the Tomoegawa Paper Company. The original use of the unique Tomoe River papers was for dictionaries printed in Japan. The paper eventually became a highly requested paper product popular amongst both calligraphers and fountain pen enthusiasts.

Does Hobonichi use Tomoe River Paper?

Hobonichi has been using the “thin yet durable” Tomoe River paper since its first version was launched in 2002. There have been fears of big stationery names changing their paper after Tomoegawa, the manufacturer of Tomoe River Paper announced that it will stop producing two of its series.

Who makes Tomoe paper?

Tomoegawa manufactures Tomoe River paper in both cream and white for those that have a preference between bright white or a softer cream color when writing. Tomoegawa, the company that manufactures Tomoe River, makes two kinds of 52 gsm paper.

Is Tomoe River paper acid free?

This acid-free and pH-neutral paper is silky smooth and perfect for writing with a fountain pen. Though thin, the paper is resistant to bleeding ink and can withstand various type.

Is Tomoe River Paper smooth?

Tomoe River Paper is extremely smooth, making it useful for many mediums: pencil, rollerball, gel pen, fountain pen and even light washes of watercolor. Once dry, the paper will relax some, but it will have some remaining crinkle. Some love this new texture, some don’t.

How do you pronounce Tomoe River Paper?

Some time ago, the online pen community discovered, to their delight, a hitherto unkown paper: Tomoe River (pronounced toe · moe ´ eh).

Is Tomoe River paper coated?

What Makes Tomoe River Paper So Special? Specially coated on both sides, so ghosting is minimal. Using pulp made from trees in sustainable forests, the paper is remarkable for many reasons, the first being its thinness.

What GSM is Tomoe River Paper?

52 gsm
Tomoegawa, the company that manufactures Tomoe River, makes two kinds of 52 gsm paper.