Is there still a Younkers?

Is there still a Younkers?

Younkers Inc. is an American online retailer and former department store chain founded as a family-run dry goods business in 1856 in Keokuk, Iowa. On August 29, 2018, the last 17 remaining Younkers outlets were all shut down. Starting on September 14, 2018, Younkers currently operates as an online retailer.

Is Younkers coming back to Omaha?

Younkers is back, although not in brick-and-mortar form at Omaha’s Westroads or Oak View Malls. It bought the nameplates of the former Bon-Ton stores, which had owned Younkers and other department stores around the country, including Herbergers.

Who owned Younkers?

Saks sold Younkers and its other Northern Department Store Group stores (Carson Pirie Scott, Bergner’s, Boston Store, and Herberger’s) to Bon-Ton Stores in a $1.1 billion deal that was completed on March 6, 2006.

Is there a Younkers in Cedar Rapids Iowa?

Younkers store or outlet store located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Lindale Mall location, address: 4444 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa – IA 52402 – 3215.

How many Younkers stores are there?

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Does Boston Store still exist?

Those Boston Stores closed in summer 2018 after The Bon-Ton Stores Inc. filed for bankruptcy. The New York City investor that owned the properties gave them up through foreclosure last year, so they now belong to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch commercial mortgage trust.

When did Younkers close in Sioux City Iowa?

The Younkers department store in Southern Hills Mall closed its doors permanently in August 2018, leaving a two-level vacancy in the middle of the mall. SIOUX CITY — At 5 p.m. Wednesday, a longtime Sioux City department store closed its doors for the final time.

When did Sears close in Cedar Rapids?

Howard Reifs, the Director of Corporate Communications for Sears Holdings, confirmed the sad news of the store’s closing. Seritage Growth Properties is recapturing this Sears store as part of an agreement reached in 2015 between Seritage and Sears Holdings. As a result, the store will close in mid-July 2018.

Is Bergner’s out of business?

The Eastland Mall Bergner’s closed in August after 45 years in business, after its parent company, Bon-Ton Inc., filed bankruptcy and was liquidated. Now, an Indiana company is relaunching Bergner’s and other Bon-Ton names as online businesses, and hopes to reopen some brick and mortar locations, too.

Is Younkers coming back?

Younkers is back — but not as the large department store chain that once was the anchor of many shopping malls. CSC Generation purchased the brands and customer information from all of Bon-Ton’s properties — Younkers, Bon-Ton, Bergner’s, Boston Store, Herberger’s, Carson’s and Elder Beerman.

Why is Younkers so popular?

For gentlemen, Younkers is a symbol of comfortable and timeless clothing. Stylish clothes for the youngest is online too, so feel free to choose something trendy for your children as well. Opening an online store is the part of Younkers‘s business strategy, where it reaches its customers and offers the best of its designers.

How many Younkers stores are there in the US?

Younkers began expanding outside of Iowa during the 1950s and opened its first shopping mall store in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1955. (It acquired another Omaha department store, Kilpatrick’s, in 1961.) By 1978 Younkers had 28 stores in five states.

When did Younkers change its name to Younkers?

A series of additions, enlargements, and mergers resulted in the company changing its name to Younkers Incorporated. The department store in downtown Des Moines was purchased in 1912.

Who was the youngest Younker brother?

Herman Younker, the youngest of the brothers, opened a dry goods store in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1874. Following Samuel’s death in 1879, the Keokuk store was closed and the Des Moines location became the main store. The future novelist and newspaper editor Eleanor Hoyt Brainerd worked as a clerk at the Younkers store in Des Moines in 1889.