Is there a ferry to Prudence Island?

Is there a ferry to Prudence Island?

The Prudence Island Ferry transports passengers, bicycles, and vehicles to and from Prudence Island. The ferry takes approximately 25 minutes. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the ferry departs to park and buy ferry tickets.

How do you get around Prudence Island?

No bridges connect the island to the mainland or Aquidneck. Transportation is by the Prudence Island Ferry (147 Thames St., Bristol, 401/683-0430, $2.85 adults, $1 children under 12) which runs several boats from Bristol sunrise-sunset daily. You can also dock your own vessel at the southern tip of Prudence Island.

How much is the RI ferry?


Infants (2 and Under) FREE
Senior (65+) $11
Disabled $11
Exchange Fee (Per Booking) $5

Is there anything to do on Prudence Island?

That’s not to suggest that there’s nothing to do on Prudence Island. Most — 85 percent — of the island is protected conservation land accessible by more than 13 miles of hiking trails. “I have walked and biked many trails, and kayak and row my varnished dinghy Lizard as much as possible,” Lembo says.

Do you need a car on Prudence Island?

Getting To Prudence Island We actually ended up ordering a punch card for 6 trips as it was most cost effective than just buying four trips. It costs about $31 for a vehicle. You can also go on as a passenger only. The ferry ride in total take about 30 minutes and is a nice ride out on the harbor.

Can you live on Prudence Island?

“It was dark when you were going and dark coming home from school.” Ultimately, with its few businesses and winding trails, the island is a rare retreat, an exception among vacation destinations crowded with shiny and noisy distractions. Through the winter, 150 people or so live in a quiet, residential town.

Is there a bridge to Prudence Island?

Prudence Island is the largest island in the middle of Narragansett Bay with no bridge. There is daily ferry service from Bristol.

How much does it cost to take a motorcycle on the Block Island Ferry?

Bring your bike You can bring your own on the ferry for only $7 same day round trip.

Does anyone live on Prudence Island?

Does Prudence Island have electricity?

Prudence Island has been without electricity since the height of Hurricane Sandy on Monday afternoon. “They are still without electricity,” said John King, Portsmouth’s emergency management director, on Thursday afternoon.

What is the shortest ferry ride to Block Island?

POINT JUDITH (GALILEE) The Hi-Speed ferry is the fastest way to Block Island! Service runs out of the Pt. Judith terminal, located in the fishing port of Galilee (Narragansett, RI).