Is the Land Rover Freelander reliable?

Is the Land Rover Freelander reliable?

Is a used Land Rover Freelander 4×4 reliable? It’s better than you might have been lead to think, but there’s no doubt that the build quality of Freelanders is variable at best. Some owners have reported long years of faultless service, while others have had a list of problems to deal with from day one.

Are Land Rover Freelanders expensive to maintain?

However the services is once a year, unlike the new cars it all one services every two years, it is very expensive to get services in the Land rover Dealer, they cost $800 per services + whatever parts they need to fix or replace, however they do provide free car loan for the day.

Is the Land Rover Freelander a good car?

The Land Rover Freelander looks quite good as 4x4s go for the age (mines a 52 reg) to me its a pretty average uneventful car, I’ve had much better but also much worse. When I bought it I got a load of horror stories about it but I must say the car had started and ran with no problems.

What kind of engine does a Freelander have?

Finally launched in 1997, the Freelander was available in two different wheelbases and buyers could choose from a 1.8-litre Rover K-series petrol engine, 2.0-litre Rover diesel engine. A 2.5-litre KV6 petrol engine with automatic transmission followed in Autumn 2000 and a BMW 2.0-litre TD4 diesel also replaced the Rover unit.

What do you think about the Mk1 Freelander?

The mk1 freelander was an unmitigated disaster in its 1.8 clothes, absolutely unreliable and very awkward, expensive and difficult to repair compaired to other land rovers.

What’s the difference between a Freelander and discovery?

Basically, the Freelander was what the Discovery wasn’t; an all-new model. Instead of being put together with parts from the corporate sales bin (the Discovery for example, was originally based on the old-shape Range Rover), the Solihull-based design team had, in this instance, the cash to do things properly – some £450 million.