Is Suzuki GS500 a good bike?

Is Suzuki GS500 a good bike?

The GS500 is the ideal first bike if you are after something more than a 125cc scooter. It is a responsive bike which is forgiving and flexible, with just enough power to get a little fun out of riding but without running the risk that the bike will get away from you.

How fast does a Suzuki GS500 go?

Suzuki GS500

1997 Suzuki GS500E
Manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation
Bore / stroke 74.0 mm × 56.6 mm (2.91 in × 2.23 in)
Compression ratio 9.0 : 1
Top speed 185 km/h (115 mph) 159 km/h (99 mph) 169 km/h (105 mph)

Is the GS500 a good beginner bike?

Bottom line: The GS500F is a good looking and affordable bike that is easily found on the used market. It provides plenty of power for a new rider to enjoy, with brakes and suspension that are up to the task of keeping the motorcycle rubber side down. It’s a great bike for a new rider; go test ride one today!

How much is a Suzuki GS500?

Suzuki GS500E, GS550F

Manufacturer: SuzukiTOP
Model: GS500E, GS550F
Weight: 380lb Torque: 30
Top Speed: 110mph MPG: 60
New Cost: New: $5,000 (1989) – $5,299 (1991) – $6,099 (1993) – $6,799 (1995) – $6,999 (1997) – $7,290 (1999) – $7,090 (2001-02)

How fast is a GSXR 500?

Suzuki GS 500 E Specs The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 46.00 HP (33.6 kW) @ 9200 RPM and a maximum torque of . With this drive-train, the Suzuki GS 500 E is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 173.0 km/h (107.5 mph) .

How much is a Suzuki 500?

2021 Suzuki KingQuad 500 AXi Specifications

BASE MSRP(US) $7,599.00
Dealers Suzuki Dealers
Warranty 12

What is the fastest Lams bike?

mboddy Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member. The fastest 250 LAMS bike is the Yamaha R1-Z.

Is the KTM 390 Duke Lams approved?

The KTM 390 Duke street bike adds to their range of learner-approved motorcycles (LAMS). And learners won’t be disappointed in the 390 Duke.

Is the Suzuki GS500 a good first bike?

The GS500 is the ideal first bike if you are after something more than a 125cc scooter . It’s a solid all-rounder which handles itself well when used for commuting .

Is the Suzuki GS-500 a GSXR-killer?

The GS-500 has kinda taken the Harley-type, slow evolution route. It began as Suzuki’s first 4-stroke streetbike for the US market in 1976, as a 400. The damn thing is tough as an anvil, and a great value for the dollar. It’s not a GSXR-killer, but in the hands of a smooth rider, will carve canyons happily.

What are the specs of a 2009 Suzuki GS500F?

2009 Suzuki GS Specs 1 Model: GS500F 2 Engine Type: Parallel Two-Cylinder 3 Bore and Stroke: 70 x 56.6 mm 4 Compression ratio: 9.0 :1 5 Valve Train: DOHC 4-Stroke 6 Induction: Fuel Injection 7 Ignition: Electric 8 Transmission: 6-Speed Manual 9 Final Drive: Chain 10 Fuel Capacity: 5.28 gal

Can You patch up a GS500 with bubblegum?

There are a lot of guys on gstwins who get a used GS500 as their first bike, crash it within 2 weeks, and patch it together with bubblegum. There are also some guys that track it, and some that graft all the slow bits from a GSXR or a Katana onto the GS.