Is Sophos UTM end of life?

Is Sophos UTM end of life?

The new system is called Sophos Firewall OS or “SFOS” for short. We are now discontinuing support for the UTM OS at the end of 2021.

What is UTM Sophos?

Sophos UTM Overview. Unified Threat Management makes security simple Sophos UTM provides the ultimate network security package with everything you need in a single modular appliance. It simplifies your IT security without the complexity of multiple point solutions.

What OS is Sophos UTM based on?

“ We chose Sophos UTM for its all-in-one approach, trouble-free installation and management at an affordable price”. Our Linux-based OS includes a free Essential Network Firewall. It provides fundamental security like firewalling, networking tools, routing and secure remote access.

What is Sophos iView?

Sophos iView is a dedicated reporting appliance that extends and enhances the UTM’s on-box reporting helping customers meet compliance reporting requirements, providing consolidated reporting across multiple UTMs, nearly limitless views and customization options, and a convenient backup and long-term storage solution …

Is Sophos UTM a router?

UTM works like a router but with simple manageable rules, filters, nice GUI …

Where can I find more information about UTM and RCA?

More information and RCA can be found in the KBA at: The new version of UTM 9.703 is available at our download server. There are two… Today we’ve released UTM 9.606.

Can I sideload UTM SE on an iOS device?

Note that older versions of Windows (e.g. Windows 7 and below) require installing additional drivers for USB 3.0. UTM SE is a new build for iOS that does not require JIT (and therefore is much slower). It can therefore be sideloaded on any iOS device that is not jailbroken.

What happened to nutm-11173?

The initial UTM 9.703 release was pulled back and replaced with a new build (9.703-3), where the code change for “NUTM-11173 [Basesystem] IPsec doesn’t re-connect on DHCP interface after firmware upgrade” is reverted. More information and RCA can be found in the KBA at: