Is retiring room available at Madurai railway station?

Is retiring room available at Madurai railway station?

The retiring rooms at Madurai railway station were also renovated recently. The Suite rooms are available at Rs 1,000 for 3 hours, Rs 1,300 for 6 hours, Rs 2,000 for 12 hours and Rs 2,500 for 24 hours.

How do I check if a retiring room is available?

How to book IRCTC retiring room facility:

  1. Step 1: Go to IRCTC Tourism Website and click on the main menu Icon then select Retiring Rooms or directly click the link:
  2. Step 2: Log in to your IRCTC account.
  3. Step 3: Enter Your PNR Number and click on search.

Can retiring room be booked offline?

While the retiring rooms can be booked offline, IRCTC facilitates the online booking /cancellation of Railways Retiring Room. A passenger can book a Railway retiring room for a minimum duration of 3 Hrs, which can be extended till the maximum duration of 48 Hrs.

Is dormitory available in NDLS?

There are essentially three types of rooms – dormitory, two bedded with air conditioner and two bedded without air conditioner.

Are retiring room safe?

Apart from being cheap , they are very safe . You will get a bed with clean sheets along with pillow and blanket. Also you can use the locker which is available provided you will have to use your own lock. The retiring rooms and dormitories are well maintained and fairly clean.

What is a retiring room?

a room in a bus station or railroad station where a passenger can pay to stay for a few days.

What is Railway Lounge?

IRCTC opens a world-class ✅ Executive Lounge (private waiting Area) as part of the development of the Indian Railway. Executive Lounge is one of its class fully air-conditioned facilities where railway passengers can stay while waiting for their trains. Ad.

Can I use retiring room at destination station?

One can book a retiring room both at the originating and the destination station of the journey. The room can be booked in advance upto 60 days through the Internet.