IS Poliakov a good vodka?

IS Poliakov a good vodka?

This French, triple distilled, grain vodka, is one of the smoothest spirits on the market. Whether whipping up a cocktail, combining with your favorite mixer, or enjoying neat or on the rocks, this quality number is more than a match for the big name brands.

Where is Poliakov vodka from?

Produced in the ancestral Russian tradition from the very best grains, Poliakov Vodka is triple distilled and develops subtle aromas when a drop or two of water is added.

IS Poliakov Vodka Russian?

POLIAKOV Original 37,5° POLIAKOV Original Premium Vodka is a flawless blend of purity and freshness. Reflecting generations of Russian craftsmanship, it’s made from a meticulous selection of the finest soft wheat grains. Its slow triple distillation gives it a crystal-clear robe and subtle, fruity bouquet.

WHAT IS Poliakov vodka?

Poliakov is a French vodka brand, owned by La Martiniquaise, France’s second-largest spirits group, founded in 1934, by the father of the current head, the billionaire Jean-Pierre Cayard. Poliakov is a “millionaire” brand, selling in excess of one million nine-litre cases per annum.

What is the cheapest vodka in the Philippines?

Top Vodka Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Smirnoff Red Vodka 700ml ₱ 546.00 Lazada
ABSOLUT Vodka 1L (PACKAGING MAY VARY) ₱ 1,150.00 Lazada
Smirnoff Red No. 21 Premium Vodka 350Ml ₱ 190.00 Shopee
ABSOLUT Vodka 1.75 liters ₱ 1,529.99 Lazada

What is Cossack vodka?

This rhum reflects the hallmark of Tanduay’s rich and lively heritage. The ageing process of this extra special blend reveals a lush shade of mahogany and a sweet and slightly smoky, lasting aroma of dark sugar and oak.

What’s in a vodka premium Poliakov?

VODKA PREMIUM POLIAKOV. 1 The cocktails. Cosmopolitan. 4 cl Vodka Premium POLIAKOV. 1 cl triple sec. 4 cl cranberry nectar. 1 lime wedge. All cocktails. Ice Shot. 3 cl Vodka 2 Social wall POLIAKOV.

How is Poliakov made?

The grains are germinated, crushed then fermented using yeast to turn the sugar into alcohol. Distillation in column stills is essential to obtain extreme purity and finesse: POLIAKOV Vodka Standard is distilled three times and POLIAKOV Vodka Silver five times.

What is the most popular vodka in France?

Poliakov is the most popular vodka brand in France and one of the top five vodka brands in Western Europe as a whole. This is quite the feat to accomplish with so many different premium vodka brands on the market today.