Is Mole Valley Open?

Is Mole Valley Open?

Open from 8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Telephone your local store, pay over the telephone, and a colleague can arrange for your order to be placed in a confinement area for collection.

Is Mole Valley open on Sunday?

We are open everyday except Easter Sunday.

Who owns Mole Valley Farmers?

Over the past two decades, Andrew Jackson has overseen significant development within the farmer-owned business Mole Valley Farmers, taking it from a mainly agricultural retail focused business to one that is now also a leading player in the ruminant feed sector.

Are Mole Avon and Mole Valley the same company?

Mole Valley Farmers is a retail firm based in Southwest England. It is run as a cooperative and in 2016-17 the company had a turnover of £464m….Mole Valley Farmers.

Type Agricultural cooperative
Number of employees 2100 +

How many Mole Valley stores are there?

Over the years the company has grown and today we operate 56 nationwide rural retail locations, comprising Mole Valley Farmers; Mole Country Stores and Farmdirect along with our direct to farm business providing feed, fertiliser and other inputs to the nation’s farmers.

Is Mole Valley open on Good Friday?

Normal opening hours* will be in place Good Friday, Saturday 4th and Easter Monday but we will be closed for Easter Sunday.

Who owns Mole Avon?

Mole Avon Country Stores moved into its fantastic new £5.2 million store at Joseph Locke Way, Wellparks during the same month and has since sold the Mill Street premises to Mike Sanders of The Bike Shed, Crediton. A business using the Mole Avon name has operated since October 1966.

Who is the CEO of Mole Valley Farmers?

Jack Cordery (May 1, 2020–)
Mole Valley Farmers/CEO