Is Marshall Valvestate good?

Is Marshall Valvestate good?

It’s probably one of the best solid state amps out there, it actually sounds pretty good at gig volumes. It’s probably one of the best solid state amps out there, it actually sounds pretty good at gig volumes. Especially the older models (8100, 8040.).

What does Valvestate mean?

Valve state means they use a single valve in the pre amp section to get that valve tone when evrything else is solid state.

How does Marshall Valvestate work?

The Valvestate technique was to put a single 12AX7 valve into the pre-amp section of the amplifier while retaining the solid-state technology in the rest of the amp. This in effect created a hybrid, valve-state amplifier that delivered traditional Marshall tone in a more robust format.

Is Marshall amp good?

Marshall’s MG series ( has been going strong for many years. It’s an established range of great solid-state amps for producing Marshall’s classic and modern tones while being versatile, affordable, and great value for money.

Is Valvestate a tube amp?

Yup, that’s what a Valvestate is…tube preamp and solid state power amp. They are made to get distortion through the preamp tubes.

Is the Marshall ValveState 2000 a tube amp?

But It’s not a tube. It’s a solid state” Marshall’s Avt275 is a “ValveState” amp. “ValveState” is a cool word for an amp that has a valve pre amp and a solid state power amp.

Is ValveState a tube amp?

Is the Marshall Valvestate 2000 a tube amp?

Are Marshall combo amps good?

The best Marshall combo under a grand The 3-way EQ is powerful and exceptionally intuitive, and onboard reverb helps give your playing a bit of breathing room. Dirty, this amp comes to life – and the low output setting provides access to these tones much more easily. 40W of all-tube power is monumental, after all.

Which is the better amp Fender or Marshall?

Unlike Fender and Vox, Marshall amps are associated more with power and dirt over bright, clean tones. The first Marshall amp was actually based on a modified Fender Bassman, and subsequent models in the ’60s continued to raise the bar for size and impact.

Do Marshall ValveState amps have tubes?

Marshall Valvestates feature a low voltage tube in the preamp section.