Is Juhu Beach and Silver beach same?

Is Juhu Beach and Silver beach same?

We’re talking about Silver Beach in Juhu. This one is more towards the north side of Juhu and you can walk it down, or take an auto rickshaw from the Novotel hotel, the ISKCON temple or the Devle Road entrance to the beach. Being an extension of the Juhu beach, it is a less crowded and a comparatively cleaner beach.

Why is Juhu Beach famous?

The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most famous Indian beaches. Tourists visit this beach because of its peaceful atmosphere and its scenic beauty. Juhu Beach is also famous for its local delicacies and street food. The food stalls set up here offer excellent cuisines and snack items.

Why is Juhu Beach so dirty?

Like other beaches on the coast of Mumbai, Juhu Beach has made headlines for its declining water quality. Polluted by untreated sewage from nearby slums and other inadequately treated waste, its water is known to contain fecal coliform bacteria which can cause intestinal illness, typhoid fever and hepatitis A.

Is Juhu Beach safe at night?

Although Mumbai is quite safe, I wouldn’t advise you to venture out too late on the beach specially on 31st night/1st early morning. You’ll find Juhu beach area quite crowded due to the revellers who may be drunk and could cause trouble. I suggest you stay indoors after 11 pm.

Is Silver beach a private beach?

Silver Beach Towers’ Private Beach The private beach at our on-site location at Silver Beach Towers Resort offers our guests a more private, luxurious experience. Our guests are able to add more set-ups as the beach service at the resort offers plenty of accommodations and other fun options, like kayak rentals, etc.

Is Juhu beach clean now?

With Mumbaikars unable to pollute the city’s coastline during the lockdown, Juhu beach is now cleaner than it has been at any point in the past 20 years, residents of the area told Mirror on Monday.

Which is the cleanest beach in Mumbai?

The Top 7 Cleanest Beach in Mumbai

  • Madh Island Beach, Mumbai (source)
  • Juhu Beach, Mumbai.
  • Aksa Beach, Mumbai (source)
  • Gorai Beach, Mumbai (source)
  • Uran Beach, Mumbai (source)
  • Erangal Beach, Mumbai (source)
  • Kalamb Beach, Mumbai (source)

Which superstar lives in Juhu?

Key Highlights

  • Actor Govinda owns a mansion near Juhu beach in Mumbai.
  • His house is furnished with extravagantly designed furniture and expensive electronics.
  • Bedrooms in his house are decorated with top-quality woodwork.

Which beach is cleanest in Mumbai?

Aksa Beach
Aksa Beach is one of the most underrated beaches in Mumbai due its location far away from the sub-urbs.

Who cleans the Juhu beach?

Today marked a new refreshed start for the city’s Beach Warriors – they got back into work mode to clean the Juhu Koliwada beach in a large gathering, after a long gap of many months since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

What is the best time to visit Juhu beach?

The best time to visit Juhu Beach lies in the period between October and February. It is suggested not to visit the beach during the monsoon season, as it is in this time that the tides are quite high.