Is joining the Royal Navy a good idea?

Is joining the Royal Navy a good idea?

‘It’s a very good career because the progression is built in. If you’ve got drive and ambition, you can be earning a lot of money in a short time. ‘ Applicants can join most Royal Navy branches between the ages of 16-37.

How long do you have to commit to the Royal Navy?

You generally need to commit 24 days each year to achieve your annual commitment, which can be made up of weekends and evenings. You’ll join the General Warfare branch unless you have another specialisation, which means there’s a good chance you’ll deploy with a ship’s crew.

Can you leave the Royal Navy at any time?

Once you sign up to the navy and are in basic training you cannot leave for the first 28 days unless you are kicked out for disciplinary reasons. This is to enable you to adapt to life away from your family and not make any rash decisions.

How long is Royal Navy basic training?

10 weeks
Your Royal Navy career begins with 10 weeks’ basic training at HMS Raleigh, a shore base in Cornwall.

Do you have to shave your head in the Royal Navy?

On the top of the head it shall be no more than 15 cm in length and sufficiently short at the front and sides that when the hair is groomed, and headdress removed, no hair shall touch the ears or fall below the top of the eyebrows. It shall be kept above the shirt collar.

How fast can I join the Navy?

Go to a recruiter and they can have you in in days or defer for a couple months. Must take physical at MEPS station, recruiter will take you there if need be. I took me about six months after speaking with my recruiter and taking the ASVAB. The entire process took approximately 1 year.

Is there WIFI on Royal Navy ships?

Many units now have Wi-fi, so Facebook, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Instagram can be used on deployment. As with all types of communication, you must be careful what is discussed due to security.

Can you leave the Navy after 3 years?

Sailors in eligible skills are able to leave the service up to two years early — often with as little as two years of service. Early out quotas are set monthly by enlisted community managers who publish those vacancies on the Navy Personnel Command Web page.