Is it hard to get a job as a Disney Imagineer?

Is it hard to get a job as a Disney Imagineer?

Is it hard to become a Disney Imagineer? Download Article. The competition is stiff and it takes a lot of hard work. You need to have a professional background, like a college degree, along with lots of work experience.

What degree is needed to become an Imagineer?

Typically, for this position, its preferred to have a master’s degree in Architecture or a similar design program, i.e. master planning, landscape architecture, architecture, etc. but it’s not required.

Do Disney Imagineers get free tickets?

yes. disney employees get in free. it’s unlimited with friends and family but you can only bring in a certain number of friends or family.

What are the requirements to be an Imagineer?

How much money do Disney Imagineers make?

As you start with Walt Disney World in lower positions, you will be paid a somewhat newly agreed upon rate of $15 per hour (minimum wage). Depending on the type of Imagineer job you eventually get to, though, your salary varies. However, the current average Disney Imagineer salary is around $61,000 ($29 per hour).

How much does a Disney Imagineer make?

Depending on experience and skill level, Disney Imagineers make between $37,400 and $186,000 per year. Disney’s name for the designers, artists and engineers who create the unique guest experience is Imagineer. The Imagineers’ motto is “We make the magic.”.

How do I become a Disney Imagineer?

Go to imagineering jobs at DISNEY to see job openings at Walt Disney Imagineering. Read the job description for a position that interests you. If you don’t meet the job requirements, get the necessary qualifications (education, experience, skills, portfolio). Apply for the position.

What does it mean to be a Disney Imagineer?

An Imagineer (officially known as a Walt Disney Imagineer), is an employee of Walt Disney Imagineering, or any other employee of The Walt Disney Company given that title. Nearly all Imagineers work at the corporate headquarters in Glendale , California developing ideas and attractions for Disney parks.