Is it cheaper to live in Texas or Colorado?

Is it cheaper to live in Texas or Colorado?

Is it cheaper to live in Texas or Colorado? In general, it’s cheaper to live in Texas than in Colorado. The cost of living in Denver, the biggest city in Colorado, is 12% higher than the national average. So if you want to enjoy city living on a budget, Texas could be a good choice for you.

Is the cost of living in Colorado higher than Texas?

Colorado’s cost of living is 21 percent higher than the national average. Housing alone is a whopping 66 percent higher than the national average. Texas, on the other hand, has a much lower cost of living–6.1 percent lower than the national average and 27.1 percent lower than the cost of living in Colorado.

What salary do you need to live comfortably in Colorado?

According to data from, in order to comfortably afford to live in any city in Colorado, you have to earn a whopping $110,200 yearly salary.

Is Colorado safer than Texas?

Considering only the crime rate, Colorado County is safer than the Texas state average and as safe as the national average.

What are the benefits of living in Colorado?


  • Cost of living. Colorado offers reasonable prices for people who live there.
  • Taxes. Colorado can boast ones of the lowest taxes in the USA.
  • Climate and weather.
  • Economic growth.
  • Low unemployment rate with many jobs.
  • Mountains.
  • Active lifestyle.
  • Tasty beer.

What are the cons of living in Colorado?

List of the Cons of Living in Colorado

  • The cost of living in Colorado is higher than most of the rest of the country.
  • Traffic in Colorado can be as bad as it is in Chicago during rush hour – all the time.
  • New residents are not always treated with respect by the locals.

Is it a good idea to move to Colorado?

There’s no doubt about it, Colorado is an amazing place to live. The Centennial State is filled with beautiful scenery, unmatched outdoor recreation opportunities, and more delicious craft beer than you could try in a lifetime. That being said, a few aspects of Colorado aren’t too great.

Is it worth moving to Colorado?

Residents live a healthy lifestyle Consider moving to Colorado. Thanks to the state’s endless number of outdoor activities, healthy food options and health-focused culture, Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the country. According to Mind Body Green, the state also has the lowest obesity rate in the country.

Is Colorado City TX safe?

The rate of crime in Colorado City is 213.28 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. People who live in Colorado City generally consider the southwest part of the city to be the safest.

What are the disadvantages of living in Colorado?

What states have low cost living?

Mississippi. As a state,Mississippi offers the lowest cost of living in the U.S.

  • Oklahoma. Oklahoma is known as the Sooner State.
  • Arkansas. Affordable,beautiful,friendly,and convenient are just a few ways that Arkansans describe their state.
  • Kansas.
  • Missouri.
  • Georgia.
  • Alabama.
  • New Mexico.
  • Tennessee.
  • Indiana.
  • What is the least expensive place to live in Colorado?

    Loveland is another one of the least expensive places to live in Colorado. It is located at a distance of only 30 minutes in the south part of the city of Fort Collins. As its name indicates, it is the city of love that is commonly known as Sweetheart city .

    What are the most affordable cities in Texas?


  • Lewisville,TX
  • Cedar Park,TX
  • Pearland,TX
  • Frisco,TX
  • Is it expensive to live in Colorado?

    Is it expensive to live in Colorado? Colorado has been ranked as one of the top 10 most expensive states to live in by U.S. News & World Report. This is mainly due to the fact that housing in Colorado is 34% more expensive than the rest of the United States. You can expect to pay about $1300 per month for rent or $1,750 for a mortgage.