Is IC-4 Same as IC F?

Is IC-4 Same as IC F?

IC-4 or IC-F? IC and IC-4 mean that the light can be covered with insulation, CA90 means that insulation can abut but not cover the fitting and non-IC means that insulation must be kept clear. That is essentially the same as being rated IC-4, able to be covered with insulation.

Are all LED downlights IC rated?

All integrated LED downlights are IC-4 rated, meaning they can be abutted and covered by insulation.

Can fire rated downlights be covered with insulation?

The short answer is that in most cases you cannot just cover fire rated downlights with insulation. Fire rated downlights are essential for safety but it is important to remember that they still need lots of air both around and over them in order that they can dissipate the heat created from the lamps inside.

Do domestic downlights have to be fire rated?

It is highly recommended that all downlights installed are fire rated. This is purely for your protection in your home, as they give you more time to escape a fire and help slow the fire spreading through floors.

What is IC-4 rating in downlights?

The IC-4 Rating means that Redilight recessed light fittings can be safely installed without minimum clearances for normally flammable building element(s) contained in combustible areas, including ceiling spaces.

What is IC rated downlight?

IC Rated stands for an insulation contact rated downlight. And, it means these products are deemed suitable for use when covered in building insulation. This means the light fitting can come into close contact with insulation, which is not the case with most downlights.

Can I put insulation over LED downlights?

As you’ve no doubt guessed, non-fire rated LED downlights cannot be covered by insulation directly. This means a cover must be fitted before quilt insulation is installed over the fitting. A fire retardant cover such as the Loft Lid will solve this problem.

What is the best downlights to use?

We recommend a downlight with a power consumption of 10-13W for ambient lighting in homes with ceiling heights of 2.4M to 3.2M. In light output terms (lumens and lux), these downlights will generally have a range of lumen output from around 700 lumens to 1100 lumens.

Do LED down lights get hot?

LED downlights do get hot but not as hot as other light bulb options. If the light bulb is straight up or down, it will tend to run cooler than a light bulb that is running horizontally with the ground. And, it can get very hot, hot enough to burn, so try to avoid touching an LED light bulb when it’s been on.

Can you put loft boards over downlights?

The answer to this used be no, but with the arrival of the loft lid you can now have an energy efficient and safe lighting installation. The loft lid creates a barrier between the downlight and the thermal insulation. Loft caps or loft lids for downlights can be used with either fire rated or non fire rated downlights.

What is the IC-4 and IC-F insulation rating of the Downlights?

This series of downlights has achieved an IC-4 and IC-F insulation rating in accordance with AS/NZS 60598.2.2. type IC-4 and IC-F luminaire can be installed with building insulation material that can safely be exposed continuously to temperatures up to 90°C. Such insulation can cover and abut the side of the luminaire.

What is IC-F downlight fitting (NZ)?

IC-F (IC-4) Downlight Fitting (NZ): Fitting is a completely sealed unit and can be abutted and covered with insulation, again, what happens to control gear? These fittings really need to be installed under insulation, and they should be designed without fins to enable efficient dissipation of heat in insulation.

What is an IC rating for a recessed downlight?

“IC” stands for Insulation Contact. IC rating is essentially a measure used to determine if a recessed downlight is suitable to come into contact with your building insulation or not. Most Australian homes these days are protected by a layer of insulation within the walls and ceilings.

What is the difference between CA90 and IC-4 downlight fittings?

CA90 Downlight Fitting: Fitting can be abutted to its sides with insulation only. IC-4 (IC-F) Downlight Fitting: Largest hole on a fitting must be less than 1mm in width,but what happens to control gear? IP-65 Downlight Fitting: Highly protected against dust and water. Ingress protection.