Is Hiro Nakamura in Heroes Reborn?

Is Hiro Nakamura in Heroes Reborn?

But in “Heroes Reborn,” Oka’s Hiro, though still a sword-wielding, time-stopping teleporter, is a much more paternal figure. The character was held prisoner, his powers of time travel and teleportation hijacked by an evil corporation. Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura in the “June 13th – Part One” episode of “Heroes Reborn.”

Who plays future Hiro in Heroes?

Masi Oka

Masi Oka
Oka at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con International
Born December 27, 1974 Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Education Brown University (BS)
Occupation Actor, producer, digital effects artist

What happens to Hiro in Heroes?

Dying from a brain tumour, Hiro has decided to use his restored time travel power to fix past mistakes and make life better for others around him.

Who plays Future Hiro Nakamura?

Masi Oka, who played the lovable space-time manipulator Hiro Nakamura on the NBC drama “Heroes,” will reprise his role as a guest star for the show’s successor, the miniseries “Heroes Reborn.” “I’m excited to return to my ‘Heroes’ roots,” said Oka, who was nominated for both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his role.

Did Kaito Nakamura have power?

Kaito Nakamura He is one of the founders of the Company. It is revealed in a deleted scene (in the season two DVD boxset) that he has the power of studying a situation and predicting its outcomes, though in the series he never uses this ability.

What episode Hiro get horns?

Starting from Episode 14, Hiro developed canines and he also began sprouting small blue horns due to his “saurification”. His horns eventually began to lengthen significantly and glow blue, the same way Zero Two’s do when emotionally agitated.

What happened to Tracy Strauss?

In “I Am Become Death” Tracy attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge due to the guilt of previously killing the reporter. However, under advice from Linderman, Nathan flies in and saves her. Later, she shows Nathan her powers by freezing his glass.

Who killed Dr Suresh?

In the original timeline of Redemption, Mohinder was murdered by Samuel Sullivan eight weeks before “Once Upon a Time in Texas” and “Brother’s Keeper”. He also burned a film from the Coyote Sands Relocation Center, which Samuel Sullivan desperately wanted.

Who is 001 DARLING in the FRANXX?

001, also known as the Princess of Klaxosaurs, is a character in DARLING in the FRANXX. She is a Klaxo-sapien and is presumed to be the last surviving member of her kind. She is voiced in Japanese by Rie Kugimiya and in English by Luci Christian.

What powers does Hiro Nakamura have in Heroes?

Hiro Nakamura is a main character on the TV show Heroes and has the ability to control time and space. After discovering that he was dying, Hiro attempted to use his power to fix all the wrongs in his life by using his ability. This however, came to haunt him before the situation was resolved in the form of an imagined court-room case…

Who is Hiro Nakamura in the originals?

Hiro Nakamura is an office worker, specifically a level-3 programmer at Yamagato Industries, living in Tokyo, Japan who one day discovers he has the power to bend time and space. An otaku, Hiro is an avid fan of superheroes and science fiction.

What happened to Hiro in the future?

Just as Hiro discovers this, he witnesses a cataclysmic explosion. Before the blast reaches him, Hiro returns to the train he was on at the moment he left Tokyo, still holding the comic he picked up in the future. After going to the future, Hiro decides that he must save the world by preventing the explosion.

Who is Hiro Nakamura on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Hiro learned to leave certain things alone in the aftermath of this experience, and was also cured of his life-threatening condition. He is portrayed by Masi Oka. Bored with the monotony and conformity of his job as a salaried employee, Hiro Nakamura turns to his love of science fiction and fantasy as an escape.