Is Fender Standard Stratocaster Mexican?

Is Fender Standard Stratocaster Mexican?

So Fender gives us the Player Stratocaster, a made-in-Mexico version of this iconic guitar. The Player Stratocaster takes the place of the Standard Strat, which was sometimes referred to as the MIM (Made in Mexico) Stratocaster. The Player Series, too, is made in Mexico.

How many frets does a Mexican Strat have?

The American Strat has 22 frets whereas the Mexican model comes with 21 frets. While the American strat has a width of 1.685 inches at the nut, the Mexican strat has a width of 1.650 inches at the nut. The bridge part in both the American and the Mexican Strat are also different.

What is a Mexican Fender?

The Mexican fender comes with a five to seven piece alder , and the American fender comes with a three-piece ash. The American fender comes with a more superior wood than that of the Mexican fender. The body of a Mexican fender has a polyester finish.

Where are Fender Stratocaster made?

Fender Stratocasters are built in the United States, Mexico, Japan and Korea. American, American Deluxe, Artist, Custom Classic, Custom Artist and Highway One series Stratocasters are made in a Fender factory in Corona, California, United States of America and are commonly called Made In America (MIA) Stratocasters.

What is about the MIM Deluxe players Stratocaster?

Fender’s Deluxe Series provides MIM guitars that have higher-end apointments, such as pickups and wood options, special finishes, and gold hardware. The Player’s Stratocaster in particular boasts a body made of ash with a maple neck and either a rosewood or maple fingerboard, as well as three of Fender’s patented Noiseless pickups.

Do Starcasters have serial numbers?

The Starcaster was manufactured in China and the serial number you provided it would indicate it was part of a Starter’s Kit and with everything that came with it; 10W amp, strings, picks, strap, tuner, and instructions it is valued at between $50.00 USD in 60% condition to $120.00 USD in 98% condition.