Is diesel exhaust fluid the same as AdBlue?

Is diesel exhaust fluid the same as AdBlue?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) also known as AdBlue®, is a non-toxic, colourless, odourless and non-flammable fluid. Stored in a dedicated tank in your car, it is injected into the exhaust system to clean exhaust gases. In addition to a new generation of catalytic converter, SCR Technology requires the use of DEF.

Can any diesel engine use AdBlue?

AdBlue is only applicable to diesel engines and is an emissions reduction technology that complements existing DPF technology. Diesel cars fitted with a DPF may not necessarily feature an AdBlue tank. However, cars with an AdBlue tank always feature a DPF as part of the overall emission control solution.

What happens if you don’t put AdBlue in your diesel tank?

What happens if I run out of AdBlue? If you run out of AdBlue while you’re driving, then the engine’s power and performance will be reduced to limit its emissions. Once you’ve stopped, you won’t be able to restart the engine if the AdBlue tank’s empty.

What does AdBlue do to a diesel engine?

AdBlue is a non-toxic diesel exhaust fluid, made up of high purity urea and deionized water used to treat exhausts on diesel engines to reduce harmful emissions. Although it’s odorless and non-toxic, it can corrode metallic surfaces.

Do all diesels need AdBlue?

Many diesel cars that meet Euro 6 emissions standards use AdBlue. By no means all do, though, as there are other systems that can be used instead to reduce NOx emissions.

What does AdBlue do to diesel engines?

Is AdBlue made from pigs urine?

Is AdBlue® made from pigs’ urine? AdBlue® is a synthetic, highly purified solution of urea and demineralized water NOT pigs urine. Whilst the chemical urea is in pigs’ urine, it is found in much lower concentration alongside many other elements.

Can I pee in AdBlue?

But sadly, the answer is “no”. A modern clean diesel car will recognize that your pee is not the right stuff. AdBlue solution has a far higher concentration of urea–32.5%–mixed into deionized water. If you put in the wrong stuff, from pure water to windshield washer fluid to human urine, the car won’t run.

How do I check my AdBlue level?

When the AdBlue level starts to become low, a symbol illuminates in the driver display and the AdBlue level low message is shown. Open the fuel filler flap with a gentle press on the rear of the flap. Open the blue cover for the smaller filler pipe intended for AdBlue. Fill with AdBlue of the correct quality.