Is Cube Entertainment under JYP?

Is Cube Entertainment under JYP?

Due to the founder’s past relations, Cube is sometimes mistaken as a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment, however, it is an independent corporation.

What does Cube Entertainment look for in trainees?

In particular, Cube Entertainment places focus on vocals. It was shared that if a trainee enters the debut team but still does not have a sure position, they will have to take rap lessons. As artists, they also are given composing lessons. They also teach etiquette and how to act on broadcast to the trainees.

Does Cube Entertainment have global auditions?

No, there aren’t any ongoing auditions at the moment. However, Cube is currently in the midst of planning K-Pop Starhunt Season 2, which will most probably take place in the second half of 2012.

Who owns the cube?

Cube was founded in 2006 by Hong Seung Sung and Shin Jung Hwa. It was acquired in 2013 by iHQ (sidusHQ) following a strategic partnership with the two companies, with iHQ acquiring a 50.01% stake of Cube. In 2020, VT GMP acquired Cube after becoming their largest shareholder at 30.61%.

Is dating allowed in Cube Entertainment?

When 4Minute was under Cube Entertainment, they surprised many people when they revealed that the company never placed a dating ban on them. The company even encouraged the members to date! Here’s the full clip below!

Does Cube Entertainment accept Filipino?

Cube is known for having idols from all different backgrounds and ethnicity with idols being from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Hong Kong so there is a huge chance that they will accept you.

Which Kpop company is best for online audition?

Where to apply for K-pop auditions.

  • Jellyfish Entertainment auditions here!
  • Mystic Entertainment auditions here!
  • DSP Media auditions here!
  • Fantagio Music auditions here!
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  • C9 Entertainment auditions here!
  • MLD Entertainment auditions here!

Did apink have 7 members?

Apink currently consists of six members: Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jeong Eun-ji, Son Na-eun, Kim Nam-joo and Oh Ha-young. Originally a seven-piece, member Hong Yoo-kyung left in 2013 in order to complete her studies.

Is apink still active 2021?

Apink is one of the leading girl groups of K-pop that debuted in 2011 and are still active today. After the girls’ contracts expired in April 2021, all of the members except her re-signed. At the moment, the K-pop idol is focusing on her acting career and has joined YG Entertainment as an actress.

How do I contact CubeVision?

Cube Vision

  1. Cube Vision , 9000 W. Sunset Blvd. ,
  2. 310-461-3490.
  6. Instagram: