Is Colour B4 hair colour remover good?

Is Colour B4 hair colour remover good?

5.0 out of 5 starsGrew up in a salon… This worked fantastically to get rid of the years of red and black dye WITHOUT damaging my hair. The only other time I’ve tried to strip color out of my hair was with bleach (professionally done), and I ended up with a lot of broken strands.

What is the best hair color remover on the market?

Best Hair Color Removers 2021

  • Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Conditioning.
  • Color X-Change Phase-Out Gentle Dye Decolorizer + Intensive Hair Mask.
  • Roux Clean Touch Hair Color Stain Remover.
  • L’Oreal Effasol Color Remover.
  • Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength.
  • Joico Hair Color Remover.

Can I condition after Colour B4?

Once you have completed the final rinsing and finished the complete cycle of Colour B4 apply a small amount of conditioner and work it through your wet hair. Don’t leave it on, just massage it in and then rinse very well.

Does B4 lighten natural hair?

Colour B4 contains no peroxide or bleaches and is unable to lighten the hair in any way, it can only work on the artificial colourant molecules inside the hair. However, any peroxide based permanent and semi permanent colourants can lighten away the natural hair colour.

Is stripping color from hair damaging?

For the down low on damage control, keep in mind that color strippers remove only the artificial dyes without altering the structure of your hair. Using them is less damaging to your hair than applying bleach or ammonia-based products.

How do I get the best Colour b4 results?

Once ColourB4 has been on the hair for 60 minutes, begin to rinse for 5 minutes (or 10 minutes if you have long or thick hair) using warm or hand hot water. Now check the results in natural daylight after drying. Repeat the process for up to three times in one day for stubborn, dark and very old dyes in the hair.

What does stripping your hair color do?

Stripping is the process of breaking apart the bonds between hair dye and the melanin that gives you your natural color. Stripping doesn’t lighten your natural hair color, only the hair dye. If you bleached your hair before dying your hair, you won’t be able to regain your natural hair color.