Is Cold Stone Real ice cream?

Is Cold Stone Real ice cream?

Did you know our ice cream is made fresh in every store? It’s true! Churned from the finest ingredients and mixed with your choice of candy, cakes, fruits or nuts on a frozen granite stone we proudly serve the best tasting, made-to-order ice cream you’ve ever had.

Does Cold Stone give free birthday ice cream?

Yes, you can get a free ice cream at Cold Stone on your birthday.

What does coldstone do for your birthday?

Buy One, Get One FREE Creation™ coupon loaded to your account for your birthday. Opportunities to receive fantastic prizes throughout the year.

What is the best Cold Stone ice cream?

Birthday Cake Remix™ tops the list of Cold Stone Creamery’s signature Creations™, followed by Chocolate Devotion®, Peanut Butter Cup Perfection®, Founder’s Favorite® and Coffee Lovers Only®. For Mix-Ins™, brownies reigned supreme, followed closely by OREO® cookies, cookie dough, caramel and fudge.

Where is the nearest Cold Stone Creamery?

Cold Stone Creamery opened its first store that year in Tempe, Arizona. The original Cold Stone Creamery, store #0001, is in operation today near the same intersection (southwest corner of McClintock & Southern) as the original Tempe location.

How old do you have to be to work at Cold Stone Creamery?

The minimum age to apply for jobs at Cold Stone Creamery varies by location and is in accordance with local child labor laws. However, it is usually 16 years old. There are other requirements to qualify to make their ice cream as well, such as the ability to stand and walk for long shifts.

What are the sizes at Cold Stone Creamery?

That is the weight the server is targeting to scoop for ice cream, before mixing on the stone. The kids changes because they use a measured scoop and it will depend on what the store is using for kids size. shakes and smoothies are Like it; 12 oz and Love it: 24 oz.

Who founded Cold Stone Creamery?

Cold Stone Creamery was founded back in 1988 by Susan and Donald Sutherland. Their goal was to create an ice cream product that was nothing like anything else on the market.