Is Club Med real?

Is Club Med real?

Club Med Is About More Than Location Club Med Columbus Isle is an adults-only getaway on an island that’s surrounded by endless beaches—and very few people.

When did Club Med Kani open?

Club Med Kani first opened in 2000 and was renovated last year. There’s a private beach that’s 800m long and available to guests only.

What do you know about Club Med?

Club Med SAS, commonly known as Club Med and previously known as Club Méditerranée SA, is a French travel and tourism operator headquartered in Paris, specializing in all-inclusive holidays. Club Med either wholly owns or operates over seventy all-inclusive resort villages in holiday locations around the world.

How much does Club Med cost?

Customers purchasing a Club Med product (stay only or stay with flight) must pay a membership fee. Adults & children of 16 years old and over, $60. Children under 16 years old, $30.

Why choose Club Med Kani?

Discover new ways to play and unwind together at Club Med Kani all-inclusive resort where a 2-kilometre stretch of private beaches, encounters with marine life, and exciting water sports welcome families to revel in infinite possibilities and pursue every passion.

What is it like to stay in Kani?

If you think that Kani – as other maldivian hotels for quite rest – we have completely opposite experience. If you want – you can find activity every time – scuba diving, running, jogging., volleyball, soccer, ping-pong. And, beside of all this activities – you always can find quite place to look at the sea or at sky (with sun or with stars).

Why choose a Club Med holiday?

With self-sufficient facilities, dining and activities available within the resort, Club Med holidays let you relax and enjoy nature within our highly clean compounds, giving you that added reassurance. Emergency response and disinfection protocols are in place to deal with any suspected COVID-19 cases.