Is Caravan tours a good company?

Is Caravan tours a good company?

“Caravan tours are not only an amazing value, they are an incredible trip. All tours, parks, etc. were included and made for a carefree vacation. The hotels, the meals, the coach, the tour guide and driver, and the activities that are included are wonderful.

Are there tours for Nova Scotia?

These are the best places for groups seeking tours in Nova Scotia: Tusket Island Tours. Annapolis Royal Candlelight Graveyard Tour. J Farwell Sailing Tours.

Where is the Cabot Trail?

Nova Scotia
Cabot Trail Road/Province
The Cabot Trail is a scenic highway on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a 298 km (185 mi) loop around the northern tip of the island, passing along and through the Cape Breton Highlands and the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Is the Cabot Trail scary to drive?

From the description it is a scary drive. That must be written by someone who has not driven mountain roads. Guard rails and wide road so not to worry unless bad weather.

Is the Cabot Trail worth it?

you will have seen more stunning scenery, more spectacular cliffs, more winding roads and more unexpected vistas. It is a scenic road, for sure, but much of it is not on the coast, many of the “Look-offs” are blocked by trees, and it is really the walking trails which make it more interesting.

Which side of Cabot Trail is best?

Which Cabot Trail route is best? Popular opinion states that driving the Cabot Trail in a counter-clockwise direction provides the best views—plus, the coast will be on your side of the road so nothing can block your vantage point.

Where can I find sand dollars in Nova Scotia?

This is an awesome beach in Queens County Nova Scotia. There are 3 semi circular white sand beaches with clear green caribbean waters, great for snorkelling and also the biggest sand dollars you’ll ever see.

Are groceries expensive in Nova Scotia?

Grocery shopping in Nova Scotia is expensive and it pays to shop around. But beware, you can end up spending a fortune and coming away with a lot more than groceries! Another local store that I love is Gateway Meat Market. It’s a bit of trek from Fall River to Dartmouth but the savings can make up for it.