Is Beyonce making a new album 2021?

Is Beyonce making a new album 2021?

Beyonce has been teasing new music for a while now, with fans expecting her to release a new album in 2021. However, Sony Music’s CEO has confirmed the star will be dropping the album next year.

What is Beyonce’s new album called 2020?

Black Is King is a 2020 American musical film and visual album directed, written, and executive produced by American singer Beyoncé. It is a visual companion to the 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift, curated by Beyoncé for The Lion King (2019).

Is Rihanna gonna make more music?

Rihanna’s new music is on its way, the songstress has confirmed. Fans of the Fenty Beauty queen have been waiting for what feels like eternity for some new songs, but don’t sweat – we’ve got all the info on Rihanna’s ninth album right here. Rihanna is releasing a new album and we are READY.

Who narrates Black King?

It is a reimagining of the beloved Disney film’s story, following Simba, but with cameos and new faces, too. With lines from the film laced throughout, Beyoncé acts as the narrator and mother figure, guiding us through the story as we travel from London and Belgium to South Africa, Ghana, the Grand Canyon and beyond.

Was Black is king a flop?

Despite the film being lauded by the industry, new data reveals that it had a disappointing debut weekend on Disney+, according to Yahoo! Finance.

Is Beyonce having a concert in 2022?

Bey Is Back in 2022! The biggest superstar on the planet is back in 2022, and Beyonce fans won’t want to miss out on the fun! That makes it a must-bookmark resource for all you BeyHivers out there, so check back regularly for the very latest concert information, and score your Beyonce 2022 Tickets today!

How old is Beyonce?

40 years (September 4, 1981)
Beyoncé Knowles/Age

Beyoncé, who turns 40 in September, also reflected on her early career in which she performed in sing and dance competitions at age seven and learned to push harder because of her skin color.

Does Rihanna have a new album coming out 2021?

When will Rihanna’s new album be released? In September 2021, at the launch of her third Savage X Fenty fashion show, Rihanna confirmed that her new music is going sound “completely different” to her previous work.

Did Rihanna retire from singing?

Technically, Rihanna, 33, has not outright said she has quit singing but in recent years she has taken a break from her musical performances. In 2018, Rihanna released a teaser video to mark the upcoming release of her lingerie line, Savage x Fenty.