Is Beverly Crawford married?

Is Beverly Crawford married?

Personal life. In November 1982, Beverly married her husband Todd Eugene Crawford and they have two children Latrina (b.1983) and a son Todd Jr. (b.1995). Beverly & Todd are co-pastors of her fathers church, The Landmark Holy Temple of God, INC,.

How old is Beverly Crawford the Gospel singer?

Pastor Beverly is flesh and blood and is subject to let them down but they can always depend on God,” she told BV Buzz, before adding: “For He never fails!” The 49-year-old vocalist won her first Stellar Award for “Traditional Female Vocalist of the Year” in 2009 for her CD, ‘Live in Los Angeles – Vol.

What is Beverly Crawford doing now?

The Reverend Beverly Crawford is a gospel singer from Gainesville, Florida, where she and her husband, Pastor Todd Crawford, are co-pastors of the Gainesville Family Music Center.

Who is BAM Crawford?

Apostle Dr. Beverly “BAM” Crawford, affectionately known as “BAM” grew up as a homeless youth in South Central Los Angeles. Her experiences have led her to be a source of strength and inspiration.

Where is Gospel singer Beverly Crawford from?

Gainesville, FLBeverly Crawford / Place of birth

How old is gospel singer Bobby Jones?

82 years (September 18, 1939)Bobby Jones / Age

Is Bobby Jones Gospel married?

Personal life. Jones has a wife, Ethel, and they have a daughter, Sonnetta.

Where is Bobby Jones Gospel?

Bobby Jones has a new ‘Gospel Show’ in Nashville. For 36 years, Nashville’s Dr. Bobby Jones brought gospel music to a national TV audience with his legendary Sunday morning program “Bobby Jones Gospel.”

Where is Dr Bobby Jones today?

He’s currently the host of a countdown-style weekly radio show and host of several gospel live shows. On Sunday (Mar. 18) Jones hosted a music matinee with guests V. Michael McKay and Issac Carree.

Is Bobby Jones Gospel dead?

Bobby Jones Gospel was canceled and went off the air in 2015. On radio, he is the host of The Bobby Jones Radio Show, a daily one-hour music program distributed by American Urban Radio Networks….Bobby Jones (singer)

Bobby Jones
Genres Christian: Urban contemporary Gospel
Occupation(s) Singer Radio host Television host

Who is Bobby Jones married to?

Ethel JonesBobby Jones / Spouse

Is Bobby Jones Gospel still living?